The past few years have seen a widespread boom in the confidence that companies have for esports. Even owners of NBA franchises see the potential that the esports industry has, and have invested heavily in it.

Companies like Twitch (which was purchased by Amazon for $1BN), Tencent Holdings (including, Supercell’s efforts in promoting mobile esports), Alibaba, and FanAI have invested billions of dollars intoa phenomenon that is on a meteoric rise.

Tier One 7 Figure PR (2)

As larger institutions around the globe look to replicate the benefits that the early investors of esports have reaped, Tier One Entertainment aims to be a prominent name in every conversation. That’s the level at which they want to operate.

“It is very inspiring to see how the gaming industry grew over this past year and how the community is cumulatively supportive in the path to success in this field. The journey Tier One has taken is nothing short of amazing by being there as a team to empower fellow gamers. This is just the beginning of more possibilities in the gaming world.” Alodia Gosiengfao

Last year, Tier One Entertainment received its first ever institutional financing from Bitkraft, one of the biggest VC funds dedicated to esports. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve secured the support of Singapore-based Atlas Ventures to complete our 7-figure foreign investment round.

“Alodia and I have always shared this vision of establishing an esports talent agency. It’s still hard to believe that just after one year of operation, our company continues to grow bigger and bigger. The additional resources from Atlas will definitely give us a boost as we want to be more agile as we operate all over Southeast Asia.” – Tryke Gutierrez

According to Tryke Gutierrez, Tier One was envisioned as a global company from day one. While the agency spent their first year laying down a sturdy foundation in the Philippines, they were simultaneously building a back end substantial enough to support full scale operations in Southeast Asia.

In just a span of one year, Tier One’s workforce has nearly quadrupled. The agency now boasts an elite cadre of esports professionals, along with a talent roster of top tier professional gamers, shoutcasters and streamers.

As a testament to the growing popularity of esports, Tier One has also served hundreds of clients including non-endemic brands like Dove Men+Care, Pantene, and Lazada. With this infusion of capital, Tier One’s distribution across Southeast Asia can only grow bigger than ever.

Tier One will be able to provide more talents with vital support in top tier training, equipment, and facilities. Their talent network is primed for maximum scalability with the announcement of the first talent resource center in the world, AMPLFY.ONE. In addition, Tier One is developing more incubators for talent and careers in esports in the vein of One Academy.

With such a pivotal deal secured, Tier One is looking forward to all the things that can be accomplished. They are confident that their growing roster of talents will soon be able to show the world what it means to be truly top tier.

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