The user interface, without exaggeration, plays the most important function of the program’s interaction with the user. Through the interface, communication and dialogue between the consumer and the application takes place. As a result, the convenience of using the product depends on the logic, architecture and tactility of the interface. It is recommended that you find an experienced UX developer for hire who can handle this task.

If only a decade ago there were only text and graphical interfaces, today voice and graphical options are available to the user. The development of AI in the future will add another type of interface – gesture.

When analyzing the user interfaces of large IT players, one can single out a number of patterns and trends that are guided by the developers.

Minimalism as the best time-tested style

Moderate accentuation, neat graphics and plenty of free space for comfortable reading. This is how you can briefly describe the interface of most social platforms, applications and instant messengers.

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Even with the increasing relevance of animation and interactive components, no major player dares to visually overload the functional part of the project. For a spoiled user, a few wasted seconds will be enough to refuse to visit your site.

Now there are several typical features of a successful interface:

  • In the foreground are only essential functions: buy buttons, go to the payment page, navigation, important content.
  • It is dangerous to overload the interface. In practice, there are not many successful examples where massive colors are used in the design of the interface.
  • The interface design needs to be supplemented with a good font. Uniform tablet color and neat font add lightness and comfort to the interface.
  • Design elements should be positioned with spacing and indentation. This makes it clearer and easier for the user to read the keywords and understand the content of the functional buttons.

As practice shows, most users are more accustomed to using an interface with a traditional layout. Ease of use and transparent logic are the best helpers for developing an intuitive interface.

Discreet animation

Animated graphics are a very tempting tool for a boring and typical theme. Animation makes it easy to add flavor to any design. For example, it will be suitable for healthcare web design company, medical products or consulting services.

Animated icons grab attention and add dynamism to static HTML pages. As a result, the attracted attention contributes to the call to action, and the user is more likely to click on the animated fragment than on the static one.

It is important not to overload the page with animation and use the effects not intrusively. In addition, animation should be succinctly integrated into the content of the site. You should avoid layout when animated objects clutter up free space and reduce free space on the page.

Dimensions and videos

In 2020, the use of photo and video content has doubled. The popularity of video has added to the development of video hosting sites, such as, for example, YouTube. The advantage of video is obvious: better dynamics, clarity, interactivity and, as a result, conversion. It should be noted that the increase in demand for thematic videos has spurred demand. Today you can buy or order videos on any consumer topic: cooking, medicine, fashion, reviews of household appliances or cars. The list goes on and on. Video makers, YouTube channel models, story makers and video bloggers have already firmly established themselves in the job market and continue to increase their relevance.

When it comes to photography, a designer can use a paid photo bank or a custom-made photo service. In 2020, the number of popular photo stocks has increased even more. Moreover, services for the sale of photo content can offer new tools for finding the desired frame: you can use the search by picture, filter the results by color, contrast, color model or format. All this allows you to quickly select a good frame for the image page of the site from a thousand photos and, as a result, make a proper impression on a potential consumer.

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