UNICEF, according to eTeknix (via PCGamesN) is attempting to change the gamers perspective by using their GPU’s power to mine cryptocurrencies for charity.

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The news broke out when UNICEF France uploaded a video on Youtube about their fundraiser called Game Chaingers. Cuz you know… game, block-chain and change. It’s a pretty name for a clever yet truly humane idea to help those who are in need from the Syrian conflict.

UNICEF’s Game Chaingers have appealed 400+ contributors so far ranging from anonymous gamers to eSport idols and even high profile eSport teams. While I don’t how much they are trying to raise before March 2018 ends, they’ve amassed a total of 1094.92 Euro at the time of this writing. That’s about 70000 Philippine Peso in a span of a few days since launch.

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Contributing to the humanitarian effort is rather easy with Game Chainger in mind requiring you to follow 3 simple steps to get started. One might even say that this could change the PC gamer’s perspective to cryptocurrency and mining. This might even allow gamers to at least embrace the good things that mining could do. Mind that by doing so still consumes electricity with power requirements similar to a pc at full load while gaming.

With the current state of graphics cards in the market, it’s not actually that easy for the average gamer to fully embrace and contribute for the cause. Still, if you have the heart and the system to compromise then it is worth the try. Warming up the gamer in you is a realtime leaderboard and a few more stats to follow. Like a competitive game but this time you aint playing.

Learn more from UNICEF’s Game Chaingers homepage.

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