XPG, a fast-growing provider of systems, components, and peripherals for Gamers, Esports Pros, and Tech Enthusiasts, today announced that the date of the Xtreme Saga Fan Club’s first NFT minting has been a huge success.

For those unaware, the Xtreme Saga Fan Club is a new program from XPG that will allow fans of Xtreme Saga, the XPG produced animated series, to connect directly with the XPG community and display their fandom in the Metaverse.

Xtreme Saga Fan Club Benefits

While most companies have used NFTs strictly as a cosmetic purchase with a focus on buying, selling, and trading ownership, XPG has shown little interest in this aspect of the technology. So far, their focus has been on using NFTs as a form of proving membership with the promise of several benefits being made available for those who choose to join the Xtreme Saga Fan Club.

As has been published on the official Xtreme Saga Fan Club website, membership grants one access to several exclusive opportunities. For starters, linking your free Fan Club account to your free ADATA A+ membership account will instantly net you 300 A+ membership points. Upon buying your first Fan Club NFT, you will immediately gain an additional 5,000 A+ points. These points, which can also be gained in a number of other ways that are not related to the Fan Club, can be used to enter ADATA/XPG raffles for prizes such as laptops, DRAM, and even PS5 consoles. For an added bonus, the website also claims that Fan Club members will get a customized birthday greeting when they login to their A+ membership account during the month of their birthday. There are also several additional benefits exclusive to Fan Club members.

Starting in September, there will be Fan Club exclusive giveaways every month until at least March 2023. The dates and prizes have already been announced on the official website and include special prizes such as limited edition Mera branded merchandise. The prize that stands out the most from the list of giveaways is very clearly the 24k gold plated XPG keyboard, valued at $10,000.

Giving Back to the Community

XPG is aware of the negative opinion much of the gaming community has about NFTs. They have actually addressed this multiple times and even held an AMA on their Discord server where people were allowed to ask questions about their intentions with this and other blockchain related technologies. They have promised, via the official Xtreme Saga Fan Club website, to give the full amount of ETH value acquired in this first minting back to the community in the form of a giveaway open to all Fan Club members who purchase one of the Xtreme Saga NFTs. The giveaway will take place on September 1st, barely a month after the minting. Meaning that not only will XPG not be profiting off the sale of NFTs, but they will actually be losing money on the investment. While their intentions with NFTs might not be clear, it’s objectively inaccurate to say that it’s profit. Or else they’d just keep the ETH made in the mint.

Xtreme Saga Fan Club Details

The first official minting of the first batch of Xtreme Saga Fan Club NFTS has already concluded, as all 999 NFT boxes were sold during their pre-order period. You can still purchase Xtreme Saga Fan Club NFTs in the secondary marketplace on the Lootex platform, but this is not directly curated by XPG.

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