Why is everyone so fascinated about diving into digital challenges? Designed for a computer, as a mobile app, console-based… Any gadget can be used for virtual fun. Recently, addictive browser games have stormed the industry, making adventures available to broader audiences.

Let’s try to figure out the reasons why we’re so crazy about such entertainment. There are lots of solid explanations. But we’ve focused on 5 that seemed the most logical to us.

Why Are Video Games Addictive?


How are video games designed to be addictive? Their structure is shaped to attract us. Each toy consists of levels. Once we complete a challenge, we feel great. A sense of achievement makes us happier and encourages repeating the success. But the next time it’ll be a bit more difficult. This cycle stimulates our brain, making us come back for that simple emotional boost.

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It’s how our psychology works: it makes us feel good. For example, it’s quite evident in Antwar. You become a tiny ant and live in a colony performing smaller tasks. Such as digging holes, collecting food, etc. As you do it, you see the progression, and it’s rewarding!

Desire to compete

Digital toys offer easy ways to confront and win battles with other players. Everyone has equal chances at the beginning. But skills and abilities earned in the process are different. Those willing to improve get an edge and satisfaction from outperforming others!

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For example, one of the most popular shooters is Gats. Having a top-down perspective, it pits people against each other in a simplistic arena. To compete with others successfully, use the surroundings and speed to your advantage.

Escape and unique experiences

When we have difficult situations in real life, we can relax in the fake ones. This is called escapism, a great therapy to mitigate stress and anxiety. Launch a title from a phone or PC to relax and unwin: it’s effective. Diving into gaming is also a chance to have experiences unavailable in everyday life.

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Have you heard about a famous Netflix series called Squid Game? It is so viral that some developers are inspired to create show-based challenges. You’ll see a good example of it if you click the link. It’s about participants trying to cross a field. When the music goes on, they can move. But when it’s silent, one has to freeze. And you know what? Repeating it in real life with the same accuracy is impossible. So, video simulation is the only way to get as close to this experience as possible.

Connection with like-minded people

Most titles are multiplayer these days. Even without such a mode, one can join forums and discuss mechanics, secrets, etc. This sense of belonging is priceless and easy to get addicted to. It’s not a bad thing at all. Such interaction can grow into a real friendship, which is wonderful.

A strong power-up for imagination

Books and films offer new worlds and stories. But video adventures allow you to become a real participant in what’s happening around you. You don’t only take the main character’s perspective to understand their motives. You become one! For example, in Shipnt you take on the role of a captain. Maneuver your container ship Ever Given through the Suez Canal and avoid stalling global trade!

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When Is It Too Much?

But this hobby can inflict negative consequences. Psychologists often see patients who have problems with digital toys. They just can’t give up gaming to spend more time with their families.

In this case, it’s not easy to solve such a problem. Specialists work out an individual approach and smaller steps to stop gaming addiction. One of the reasons why it’s so hard to deal with is feel-good dopamine hormones. Released when we play virtual adventures, they make us feel happier.

Is it possible to identify such an obsession? Check out this article to learn more about it. Help yourself or your kids if you register signs of negative implications.

Wrapping Up

Now you know what makes addictive web games so attractive. Enjoy the list we’ve provided and remember about moderation to avoid true dependency. As for 2022, this year will be rich with new cool adventures to dive into. Come and read our article: we’ve prepared a short description of the best projects.

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