6 Tips When Using Drones on Your Wedding

The wedding of your dreams approaches on the horizon and you are exploring the potential of drone video and photography in helping create a truly unforgettable landmark event in your lives. There are a few things you need to know in order to successfully apply drones into your wedding program. Here are six tips for incorporating drone video and photography on your wedding.

Drone Video and Photography is Expensive

It is important to know that the service of taking drone videos and photos is an expensive one. However, the cost of drone video and photography is usually justified by the unique advantages that drones are capable of. Birds-eye-view videos that can zoom out to encompass the whole wedding event in the beautiful location that you choose is one of those advantages. Drone videography and photography is expensive because this capability is the cutting edge of the field. Weigh the advantages with the cost and set aside the funds for an unforgettable documentation of your wedding.

Hire Experienced Drone Operators

It is imperative that you choose to hire experienced drone operators for the safety of your guests and the majesty of your wedding film rely on the unique skills that a drone operator can only gain from experience. You can look to the professional drone filming companies first, if not to choose from then at least to set a benchmark for the standard which you want your wedding documentation to achieve. You can make sure that the drone operators you choose to hire are worth their weight in salt by asking for live demonstrations of their skill as well as examples of their completed documentations.

Do Not Use Drones for Close Ups

Drones have their strengths and weaknesses. They are awesome for aerial shots and smooth peripheral coverage, however, drones should not be the weapon of choice for your close up photos and videos. They are essentially mini-helicopters, which means that they can be quite distracting for such a solemn and intimate occasion as a wedding.

Set Aside Time for Drone Photos and Videos

Play to the strengths of drone videography and set aside a special role in it. Avoid using the drone for documenting everything since regular photographers can cover closeups and the traditional wedding photos best. Give the drone its chance to shine by following the bride and the groom on their way to the wedding venue, or by covering the reception. By letting your guests know that you have set aside a special time and place for drone photos and videos, they can have their happy portraits taken by a hovering drone.

Do Not Use Drones During Bad Weather

Drones are light-weight mini helicopters so strong wind or rains can greatly affect its effectiveness and even cause them to be a danger to your guests. Just be aware that if the weather goes bad, then you may have to call off your drone documentation.

Make Sure You Have a Drone Permit

Some places or territories require drone permits. There are also venues that do not allow drones. In all likelihood, there will be no problem with any authorities for using drones to document your wedding, but on the off-chance that a permit is required, then it is best that you prepared for it beforehand.

These six tips for incorporating drone videography and photography to make your wedding more memorable are simple yet indispensable. Take note of them as you make your preparations for an unforgettable dream wedding.

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