MSI at COMPUTEX 2015 showcases new hardwares for the media to look at, and we are delivering them all straight to you in a swift fashion. Let us check them out, shall we?

Laptops and Notebooks

Starting off with the MSI GT72 gaming notebook, we could see that eye tracking and Nvidia G-SYNC feature making its way to notebooks. This means that you, as a competitive gamer, could study your gameplay and analyze what went wrong or the exact opposite by checking when and where you looked on the most crucial moments during gameplay.

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The MSI GT72 is also built with the GTX 980M 8GB graphics which also sports NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology that brings visual consistency with adaptable refresh rate, matching the game’s frame rate to 30~75Hz for tear and lag free gaming.

If the GT72’s single GTX 980M doesn’t appeal to you then the GT80’s Dual GTX 980M graphics (configurable) and mechanical keyboard is perhaps your thing. We have previewed the top end version of this GT80 “Titan” earlier and it’s a beast. It just doesn’t feature G-SYNC or an eye tracking capability.

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The GE72 is a a more affordable option, but does feature Nahimic, an audio performance technology on its GS60/70 and GE62/72 laptops that should enable immersive 7.1 surround sound. Nahimic has been widely acclaimed in military and aeronautics industries where the clarity of sound is essential and vital.

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As for professional use, the MSI Prestige Series of notebooks features 100% sRGB image quality with MSI True Color Technology. This also means that the panel used on the notebook has been calibrated for professional video and image editors where accuracy is important.

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MSI Nightblade

The MSI Nightblade of yesteryear is a barebone ITX system made specifically for space and mobility conscious gamers. This year’s Nightblade, named as Nightblade MI, revolves around the same concept, with major overhaul on the looks to suit more “gaming” oriented audience. Compared to the first Nightblade, the MI is bundled with an Intel core i7 processor and a full size NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Details are still skim, but we’re guessing that it is going to be expensive compared to its predecessor.

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AiO solutions also received a gaming touch from MSI, with the introduction of the MSI Gaming 24GE 4K equipped with a 4K QHD panel, and a mobility GTX 900M Series Nvidia GPU. A similar but lighter on the resolution space model,  the AG270 2QC 3K, features a WQHD panel instead of a QHD one.

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Motherboards and Graphics Cards

If overkill is exactly your thing, or if you love how aggressive “gaming” oriented motherboards looks then the aptly named “X99A GODLIKE GAMING” motherboard is for you. For starters, this board features controllable RGB lighting, which is what most gamers wants nowadays. Now as for the game changing features, MSI employed the Killer DoubleShot-X3 PRO Dual LAN gaming oriented NIC. Of course, being an X99 board with loads of gaming oriented features and bling, this should be expensive. Well, there’s the less expensive X99A GAMING 9 ACK for your consideration.

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Heading to the graphics cards, MSI haven’t shown much, except for the GTX 980 Ti GAMING 6G, and the stylish LED enhanced GAMING shield SLI bridge. We are eager to see more around this area, especially when AMD’s R9 300 Series cards are hot topics right now.

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