Apacer just announced their latest memory module kit, aimed for the… well, e-sport players. The said memory kit features a gun like appearance, with a picatinny rail-like design at the top.

APACER Commando DDR4 PR (2)

The new memory module series features 2400 MHz – 3200 MHz of clock frequency, and supports Intels XMP 2.0 so compatibility with the most recent X99 chipsets wont be an issue. Timings weren’t tight as expected, with the 2800 MHz part at 17-17-17-36. Capacity ranges from 16 GB to 32 GB so for those guys whose expecting to boost their MMR with the help of higher capacity DIMMs will surely like this one. Read the cheesy PR below.

Unparalleled and Superior Overclocking Creates Invincible E-sports Player!

In the constantly changing e-sports battlefield, the key to win victory over enemies is to get yourself armed with the most updated IT weapons! Apacer recently launches the brand new generation of Commando Series DDR4 Overclocking Memory Module, which adopts the newly designed weapon-styled assault rifle heat spreader. This newly launched overclocking memory will enable e-sports players to master the decisive moments and succeed in all attacks!

APACER Commando DDR4 PR (3)

Tailored for Intel® X99 chipset and Haswell-E processor and supports the latest Intel® XMP2.0

Apacer’s next-gen Commando Series DDR4 Overclocking Memory Module is tailored for the latest Intel® X99 chipset and Haswell-E processor. Through years of experience and accumulated abilities in the R&D of overclocking memory, Apacer rapidly rolls out its highly efficient and highly compatible Commando Overclocking Memory Module tailored for the newest platform. The whole series of products supports the latest Intel XMP 2.0 standards. With this product, e-sports players are equipped with the cutting-edge strongest digital arms!

APACER Commando DDR4 PR (1)

The superior frequency of 3200MHz and the ultra-large capacity of 64 GB help players gain the vital “0.001 second”

Apacer’s Commando Series DDR4 Overclocking Memory Module features outstanding tactical characteristics of high frequency, low voltage and low latency. It realizes a maximum frequency of 3200MHz and a perfect low timing of 16-16-16-36, requires only a 1.35v low voltage and provides a wide range of specifications of DDR4 2400/2666/2800/3000/3200 MHz. In addition, this series adopts Quad-Channel packaging and supports different capacity combination of 16GB (4GB*4) and 32GB (8GB*4). With this series, e-sports players’ various demands will all be satisfied, and they can easily win all kinds of highly intensive battles!

APACER Commando DDR4 PR (4)

Awesome weapon-styled design of heat spreader is a must-have for the worldwide e-sports players

Commando DDR4 Overclocking Memory Module employs the weapon-styled assault rifle profile design, and its heat spreader features a distinctive and attractive tactical rail, which combines innovative design philosophy with overclocking memory, highlighting the players’ dazzling and aggressive performance in the battlefields.

Apacer Commando Series DDR4 Overclocking Memory Module Specifications

Frequency CL Timing Voltage Capacity
2400 MHz 16-16-16-36 1.2V 16GB(4GBx4),32GB(8GBx4)
2666 MHz 16-16-16-36 1.2V 16GB(4GBx4),32GB(8GBx4)
2800 MHz 17-17-17-36 1.2V 16GB(4GBx4),32GB(8GBx4)
3000 MHz 16-16-16-36 1.35V 16GB(4GBx4)
3200 MHz 16-16-16-36 1.35V 16GB(4GBx4)

Apacer’s design team pointed out that they adopts “maximized capacity and flexible tactics” as the design philosophy of Commando Series DDR4 Overclocking Memory Module, and have balanced maximized heat dissipation effect and brilliant appearance. Hence, this series provides stable and excellent efficiency for long-standing e-sports battles as well as an amazing visual effect of e-sports equipment platform. It’s a must-have for e-sports players throughout the world!

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