ASRock, the global leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, mini PCs and gaming monitors, proudly unveils a groundbreaking achievement: The Z690 AQUA OC motherboard has shattered multiple overclocking records on with the Intel® Core™ i9-14900KS processor.

The global professional overclocker, Splave, has achieved numerous World Record, Global 1st Place, and i9-14900KS 1st Place titles by pushing the limits of the Z690 AQUA OC to new heights.

Check the Z690 AQUA OC’s astonishing records on HWBOT:

  • PiFastWorld Record: 6sec 770ms.
  • SuperPi 1MWorld Record: 3sec 662ms.
  • Cinebench – R23 Single Core (8xCPU)World Record: 3191 cb.
  • Cinebench – R20 (8xCPU)Global 2nd Place: 12611 cb.
  • HWBOT x265 Benchmark – 1080p (8xCPU)Global 1st Place: 178.18 fps.
  • HWBOT x265 Benchmark – 4k (8xCPU)Global 1st Place: 41.95 fps.
  • SuperPi 32M (8xCPU)i9-14900KS 1st Place: 3min 3sec 113ms.

The ASRock Z690 AQUA OC sets a new standard for high-performance motherboards, redefining what true power and innovation should be. Designed for record-breaking performance, this motherboard shows ASRock’s commitment of giving overclockers, PC enthusiasts, and gamers the best experiences.

asrock z690 aqua oc shatters overclocking records 2

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