Pearl Abyss announced that it has revamped the season servers with an all-new system in Black Desert ASIA (TH & SEA). No longer tied to a designated period, Adventurers can now create a season character all year long whenever they see fit by using a specially-issued season character ticket.

Season servers are special servers to promote fast character growth for novice Adventurers and help them get used to the world of Black Desert. Season characters are supported with various items, including season exclusive Tuvala gear, and various buffs, such as increased Combat, Skill, and Life EXP. Season servers also offer friendly guidelines to help Adventurers adapt to the game.

Season Character Ticket

The revamp brings about the “Season Character Ticket” which Adventurers will be issued in regular intervals and allows them to create a season character without being tied to a fixed schedule, removing any need of waiting until the start of the next season.

With today’s update, Adventurers who had already graduated from the previous season will be given 2 season character tickets, meaning that Adventurers can potentially obtain double the rewards for clearing the season pass and graduating. All-new seasons henceforth will also award graduating Adventurers with an Advice of Valks (+150).

Character Tag Revamp

In addition, the “Character Tag” system has undergone a revamp as well. A system formerly used to link two characters and share copied gear, the new update lets such tagged characters share their EXP gains. In other words, this system will allow Adventurers to level up multiple characters by simply leveling one tagged character at a time

Find more details on the new season servers here.

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