Pearl Abyss announced that Black Desert Thailand and Southeast Asia servers will be merged to enable crossplay between the two regions. Adventurers in these two regions can meet each other and continue their adventure in the vast world of Black Desert together.

With the implementation of crossplay, the number of Adventurers will drastically increase which is a fundamental element for an MMORPG such as Black Desert.

A large and diverse pool of Adventurers can now enjoy the content together in one of the two types of servers: crossplay servers, or region-exclusive servers which will only be visible to and be accessible by Adventurers of each region.

With this update, Node and Conquest Wars can only be enjoyed in crossplay servers. Also, Adventurers from different regions can join in the same guild to enjoy guild content such as PvP, making its experience more intense and competitive. The Central Market will also be merged, which will activate the market further by increasing demand and supply.

A new monster in the Great Ocean, the “Margoria Pirate Fleet,” has made its appearance near Vell’s Realm. The mysterious fleet of ships will attempt to surround those who sail across the realm. Then, it will engage in a battle by sending burning phantom ships that explode on impact.

Adventurers who defeat the fleet can loot various rewards including a “Moss-covered Map,” which is an essential item in order to obtain an “Ebenruth’s Nol,” one of the treasures in Black Desert.

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