Colorful Technology Company Limited is proud to announce that gamers and eSports enthusiasts can now enjoy full customization and personalization with the latest Colorful iGameGTX1070 X-TOP-8G Advanced Limited graphics card. This card features the latest technologies from both NVIDIA’s 10-series GPU as well as Colorful’s own technology to enhance performance as well as bring out your personal style in your gaming rig.

Featuring the new Silver Shark cooler designed by Colorful, the iGame GTX 1070 X-TOP-8G Advanced Limited delivers 3 key benefits in a single package: aggressive performance, aggressive cooling and aggressive styling. Thanks to the cooling performance of the Silver Shark cooler, this new card delivers faster performance so you can game to peak levels without any hitch while enjoying cool and quiet performance.

Designed with gamers and enthusiasts in mind, the Colorful iGame GTX 1070 X-TOP-8G Advanced Limited’s performance and cooling isn’t its only benefit as it expands to allow personalization of the stylish i-Ring central fan of the cooler. The i-Ring fan features RGB lighting allowing users to fully customize the lighting of their Colorful GPU to reflect their personal taste and build theme. Staying true to the iGame philosophy, the GPU is neutrally colored so it will fit in just about any theme one can come up with.

COLORFUL iGame GTX 1070 X-TOP-8G PR (2)

The iGame family of graphics card is Colorful’s most powerful line-up of products and are designed to deliver best-in-class quality and performance. Colorful designs all iGame products with the idea of freedom and customization for the users and the new Colorful iGameGTX1070 X-TOP-8G Advanced Limited is another perfect example of the perfect balance that gamers want to see in products from the iGame family.

The new Colorful iGame GTX 1070 X-TOP-8G Advanced Limited features a 1657Mhz base frequency with a boost frequency of 1860Mhz. iGame signature features highlight this release with an 8+2 phase digital power supply via iGame Pure Power (IPP). Improved build quality with Colorful’s Silver Plating Technology ensure high-level of performance even with extreme loads.

Colorful arms this card with Boost Ready one-key overclocking for improved levels of performance when required and the new intelligent star-stop fans keep the card cool under load with the fans staying idle under 62*C.

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