Unlimited FIBER X Plan Starts At 1, 500 Pesos

You want a fast internet for an affordable price? Well, CONVERGE ICT got you covered on that one, with the new FIBER X Plan. The plan starts at 1, 500 Pesos with a connection burst speed at 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps at 2, 500 Pesos, and a 100 Mbps connection at 3, 500 Pesos.

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To get you an idea on how the budget friendly FIBER X plan fares with PLDT’s own 50Mbps FIBR plan, the company has a limited 1, 899 Pesos FIBR plan at 50 Mbps, with an unlimited one at 2, 899 Pesos. Take note that PLDT bundles digital cable TV on their plans, but it is also worth noting that for a mere 299 Pesos, you could get 58 SD + 18 HD channels with CONVERGE’s CATV add ons. Suffice to say that CONVERGE ICT’s offerings are better than PLDT’s when it comes to pricing alone.

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Of course there are caveats, and those were the limited area of availability, the 30% minimum service speed, and 80% service reliability. So for example, your 20 Mbps plan will feature a minimum of 6 Mbps speed. CONVERGE ICT is publicly open with these things, and I trust a company more that openly admits their service’s downsides, compared to something that covers up their shortcomings. My eyes are on you… PLDC.

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