As another academic year approaches, schools and universities are preparing to utilize and maximize distance learning following the government’s quarantine guidelines. Globe is partnering with Google for Education, to meet the growing demand for better academic services and transform the digital learning experience.

Google for Education is an ecosystem of products, programs, and training grounded on the platform’s innovative tools and resources. Through the partnership, Globe will provide a comprehensive onboarding process, tailor-made teacher training, and strong after-sales support for partner schools and institutions nationwide.

“Together with Google for Education, we aim to boost the digital learning efforts of the Philippines’ educational system through more accessible, user-friendly, and interactive solutions for parents, teachers, and students.”

Google for Education offers the following suite of services:

G Suite for Education. This platform offers best-in-class productivity tools built for the classroom, including Gmail, Classroom, Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, and Drive. Cloud-based technology allows for collaborative learning, so teachers and students can work on lessons simultaneously.

Classroom. The Google Classroom makes the teaching experience more seamless for educators. Here, teachers can create and manage assignments with ease. Classwork pages organize assignments into modules, so educators can better facilitate discussions. They can also use built-in grading tools to sync test results and feedback in one location. Originality reports can analyze authenticity in papers and flag statements that need citations.

Meet. This service allows teachers to connect with students virtually through secure video calls and messaging. Each classroom can have up to 250 participants per call and up to 100,000 live stream viewers. Meet also makes it easier for both teachers and students to join a classroom, as each class can have a dedicated meeting space with a unique link.

Socratic. Google’s AI-powered tutor helps students navigate the learning process through high-quality videos, concept explanations, and online resources. The platform also offers curated subject guides for quick reference. When students need clarification, they can use the built-in voice and photo input to ask a question.

Read Along. Students can improve their literacy skills through this speech-based reading tutor. This platform provides an expressive and animated reading assistant to keep students engaged and help them in their reading journey. Educators can listen to a student read aloud and provide corrective feedback.

Google Forms. Teachers can create forms, surveys, and quizzes using Google Forms. Through G Suite Integration, they can import questions from Docs and Sheets. Grading is also now faster, easier, and automated as they can view results in a chart, graph, or spreadsheet format. To maintain integrity, locked mode prevents students from browsing other websites during a test.

Chromebook. This secure, simple, and powerful device is easy for schools to set up and manage. The Chrome Education upgrade unlocks the full capabilities of the device to help both students and teachers thrive in the new normal. The App Hub connects educators with Chrome-verified developers to access useful tips and content by grade, subject, and educational goals.

G Suite Enterprise for Education. Academic institutions can upgrade their digital environment with educational tools and security controls. G Suite Enterprise elevates both teaching and learning through an institution-wide email database using GMail, security and administration controls, and eDiscovery for emails, chat, and files. Schools can also access a 24/7 support platform via phone, email, and online.

With Globe myBusiness’ partnership with Google, academic institutions can improve the overall education experience for students and help them learn amid the new normal.

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