So many things can go wrong when you use Instagram without any vision or goal. You need to know why you’re on Instagram and what you want to achieve through all the exposure you get. However, whatever the case, you cannot go far without getting the right number of likes and followers, and that is when you can consider buying some.

A simple way is to use Gramblast trial and see how it helps you get new followers and likes. While doing so, you can still pay attention to making your Instagram profile look perfect. Speaking of Instagram, you will have to be very careful about your Instagram feed, and that is when the following tips will help you with proper planning.


The first impression for any user is made by the look and feel of your Instagram feed. When a user wants to follow you, he will go through your profile thoroughly to see if it’s a good bet to follow your account or not. If your profile is appealing and has the right set of colors, it will sure have a positive impact on the users. Even if the user is not much interested in your posts or content, he may just follow your feeds for the attractive look and presentation of your feeds. This makes you concentrate a lot on the aesthetics of the feed. Few things that you need to ensure when you choose the look and feel for your feed –

  • Consistent and theme related color palettes: Check any popular account, and you will find the color combination is consistent across the feed. Even if the theme changes over time, the change will be gradual, and consistency will be maintained. A compatible and well thought of theme can make your content more presentable and attractive and add the extra factor to your feed.
  • Focus on a niche: Don’t post randomly. Choose a niche or topic and post your pictures or content according to the topic. Choosing a topic can be based on what your target audience wants to see. You need not go over-board with creativity but being unique will surely help.
  • Focus on image quality: anything bad on Instagram, be it badly taken photos, or bad quality images or content will never go well with the audience. So much so that they may start unfollowing you. Focus and take pictures that convey the message appropriately, are interesting and use apps to add more effects to your photos, rather than just depending on the default filters.

Planning Will Give You An Extra Edge

Instead of posting in a hurry or thinking of content per week, think of the content for a whole month, plan how much and how often you would want to present the content for the whole month. This way you can cover a lot about the topic that you have decided for the month, and there won’t be any repetitions or last-minute obstacles. You will have time to change any content if you think of a better one or have extra bits posted when you plan well in advance. Planning can help you organize the content in a better manner and see the trends.

Plan Your Instagram Feed Guide (2)

Take Time To Build The Content

You can get ideas anywhere. Whether you are on a bus looking outside the window or looking at the blank sky, you never know what can give you creative ideas for your next content. There is no limit to the creativity you can add to your work. And, to make your ideas real, you need time. Give all your time that you can to create the content to perfection.

Revisit The Content

When you are done with the preparation of content, everything will need to be collated and kept in proper sequence for posting. Some pictures will need more editing like the addition of filters, tagging and other photography effects to make sure they are consistent with the theme.

Advance Scheduling

Instagram allows you to schedule posts at your chosen time through software and other tools. It is a great option to schedule your posts so that even if you are unable to access the post at the required time, they will be automatically posted through the program.

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