Luxa2 GroovyR 360° Wall Mount Speaker Review

We are now in an age where the use of wires are getting more and more minimal, and the same thing goes with musical necessities. Nowadays, a lot of wireless speakers and headsets comes. Most of these wireless audio outputs works through the power of Bluetooth. I only used Bluetooth to transfer songs, photos and videos from mobile phone to mobile phone. But now, I am using Bluetooth to listen to music with Luxa2’s latest product, GroovyR.

GroovyR is one of the latest product they have for their audio solutions line. It is made up of a suave and a wall clock like design and guarantees ease of use for everyone. It will definitely give the music experience everyone deserves. With this, everyone around the speaker will definitely move into the beat.


GroovyR came in a classy box with a shade of black all over. Looking at the box, it reminds me of a mini pizza box… Or maybe I just really love to eat and all I can think of is food. Moving on, the top side of the box shows an image of the product and a bit of its features. A small circular transparent part is seen as well that boast the amazing diamond cut brushed aluminium finish of the speaker.

LUXA2 GroovyR (2)

The back side shows what’s inside the box and what’s every part of the speaker is for. Nice move!

LUXA2 GroovyR (3)

Upon opening the box, the awesome speaker will greet you with its shining-shimmering aluminium frame. Of course, talking about Luxa2, I don’t think that they will ever lack in accessories and basic necessities of their products. Well… Yep. They did not fail me. Luxa2 GroovyR comes with an auxiliary cable, a USB cable that will serve as the charger, a quick start guide and an awesome pouch to put your GroovyR to when you’re on the go!

LUXA2 GroovyR (4)


The speaker is not just looking classy but it feels sophisticated as well with its diamond cut brushed aluminium upper circular band. It looks premium, it feels premium. Stunning. The look that this speaker gives is just stunning.

At the bottom side, we can see the rubber feet of the speakers which is perfect as it prevents the speakers from moving out of place due to high frequency of the sounds it produce.

LUXA2 GroovyR (6)

On the front side, we can see the easy to access control functions. The switch, the micro USB port, the auxiliary port, and its own volume control.

LUXA2 GroovyR (8)

The other side, is like a secret door that provides an innovative dual function. It can either be a wall mount bracket or a phone holder. Pretty awesome, right? Hang the speaker in your room or settle your phone in the speaker, do what you want! The holder of the phone also sports a rubber at the upper side which prevents the phone to move out of place due to high volume. See? Just the physical build of this speaker is so sophisticated and gives the assurance that you may play your music anyway you want without compromise.

LUXA2 GroovyR (10)

Product Name Groovy R 360 Micro Wireless Wall Mount Speaker
Bluetooth V2.1+EDR
Wireless range In 10meters(open area)
Capacity 1,050mAh / 3.7V Li-Polymer
Input 5V0.5A Micro USB
Audio output 3W+3W
Playing time Up to 8 hours
Others A2DP(Audio Sink only),
AVRCP(Remote Control only),
Hands free(Built-in Mic)
Wall Speaker
Holder function
LED indicator LEDx1
Pairing : Blue (flashing)
AUX-IN: Green(flashing)
Charging : Red
Material Upper Casing : Aluminum
Cabinet : Plastic
Weight 230g


Using the speaker for the past few days, whether through my phone’s Bluetooth or use it with my PC through auxiliary cable, there’s actually no difference when it comes to sound quality. No matter how high the volume is, the speaker and/or my phone doesn’t move even a bit from its place. Luxa2 really did a great job when it comes to building the speaker physically. As expected from Luxa2, they battery life is longer than promised. During the weekend, I can use the speaker for up to 10hrs with a charging time of 2.5hrs.

LUXA2 GroovyR (12)

LOW: I listened to some dubstep and remix Best Day Of My Life (Just A Gent Remix) by American Authors with the speaker but sad to say, this really disappointed me when it comes to bass. Yeah, there’s bass but for me, the bass that this speaker produces lacks a little bit.

MID: I listened to Meron Nang Iba of Silent Sanctuary ft. Ashley Gosiengfiao with the speaker and I’d say, it did not disappoint me with the mid tones. It clearly delivered the mid tones that I am looking for. The separation of instrument is good, the vocal is good.

HIGH: As for the high tones, I used songs like Nyoy Volante’s version of Kahit Kailan. I’d say that the lack of the low ranges was filled by both high and mid ranges because both ranges just delivered what I am looking for without extending itself causing to hurt each other’s ranges.

The good news is Luxa2 came with an app that is available in Google Play. The Luxa2 Groovy Audio Center helps to fix the music frequency and equalize the sounds it delivers however you want it to. Your call.


The speaker is not yet available here in the Philippines but I am hoping that Luxa2 products will be available here as well because it deserves to be introduced here. We Filipinos are natural music lovers and I’d say Luxa2 will help us enjoy our music more with their speakers. As of now, Luxa2 GroovyR is available for $49.99 or around P2,000. I’d say the price is not bad since it has a really premium build and a premium quality.












Luxa2 GroovyR

  • PERFORMANCE - 7/10


  • BUILD QUALITY - 8/10


  • FEATURES - 8/10


  • AESTHETICS - 8/10


  • VALUE - 8/10




As of now, Luxa2 GroovyR is available for $49.99 or around P2,000. I’d say the price is not bad since it has a really premium build and a premium quality.

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