There are times in life when it is worth being impulsive and not giving things too much thought. However, the purchase of a computer is certainly not one of them. We are talking about, in general, a significant outlay of money and in many cases, our lack of knowledge becomes a factor against us that can lead us to make the wrong investment choice or one that is not entirely adapted to our needs.

In this sense, one of the key factors that we must take into account is which operating system to choose that best suits our needs. Are you sure if your thing is Windows, Mac, or Linux? Do you know the differences between them? Let’s first try to understand what an operating system is.

What is an Operating System?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the operating system (OS) is the most important program on a computer. All the others will connect with it and must be compatible, both in the case of software (i.e. the programs you install and use for different functions) and hardware (e.g. the mouse, printer, or keyboard).

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Although it can be said that they all serve the same function, there is obviously more than one possible way to achieve each function, and each of them has its peculiarities. The important thing is that it suits what we need to a greater extent than the rest and that its use is useful, friendly, intuitive, and pleasurable. That is why it is very important to decide on your operating system before buying a computer.

What are the most popular operating systems?

Although we may not be familiar with them, there are many different operating systems, although the best known are undoubtedly Microsoft Windows, macOS, and GNU Linux. In addition, each of them has many versions, each with its pros and cons.

Let’s examine these operating systems in detail and provide you with the necessary information about the operating system you should choose before buying a computer.


Windows is a more universal operating system, not free but easy to install on any computer, and with a large amount of software available (more than in the case of Mac and Linux). It is the most widely used worldwide, with great compatibility of programs, and is very accepted in the business world. But of course, Windows has some disadvantages, which are well known among the general computer society.

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In terms of security, Windows is more vulnerable than other operating systems, precisely because of this greater compatibility. Mac works more tightly and therefore more securely. Linux, by its very structure, seems to be more secure than Windows, in addition to the fact that it is less widely used and therefore less targeted by hackers. If you are a Windows user, you may want to learn more about how to take precautions against security vulnerabilities.


The reality is that, when it comes to interface, none of them fall short: ease of use, design, and operability is key nowadays, and none of these major manufacturers ignore their importance. Normally, you can learn to use any of these operating systems in a very short time.

However, there are some differences. In the case of Linux, we can talk about free software, or in other words, software that can be modified at no cost. You can obtain the source code of any part of the OS and modify it to your liking, which allows you to know what exactly each program does (and be sure that it will not have hidden functions), as well as to modify or improve any part of the system.

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Because of this flexibility, Linux is generally used as an operating system for servers. This is why Linux is mostly not recommended for beginner and intermediate computer users. Mostly, advanced computer users are interested in using computers with the Linux operating system.


Unlike Linux, macOS is not only not free software, but it is also designed to be installed only on computers manufactured by Apple, and cannot be installed on PCs. This exclusivity is precisely one of the ‘weak points’ of Mac for many, although it is also true that its many loyal users do not see any inconvenience.

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macOS is one of the operating systems of choice for graphic designers because of its high screen quality. Also, Mac users state that the LED display allows them to observe the details in images and videos much more clearly. This makes macOS a suitable operating system for those involved in design work.

Apple has also officially revolutionized the computer industry by deciding to use M2 processors in MacBook Pros from 2022. In this way, it has managed to attract the attention of professions that require high processing power such as software developers, architects, and engineers.

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