Phanteks announces their upcoming products at COMPUTEX 2022. This includes new chassis, accessories and cooler upgrades.

Phanteks introduces 3 new chassis; the new Eclipse P500A in Matte White, Eclipse  G360A, Eclipse G500A, a new LCD screen module for the Evolv Shift XT and LGA 1700/AM5 support for the Glacier One MP AIO cooler family.

Eclipse P500A Matte White

The Eclipse P500A is a premium mid-tower case that combines high airflow performance with style. It  features the Ultra-fine Performance mesh front panel for optimal airflow with dust filtration. The P500A will  now be available in Matte White and replaces the original white color option.

Phanteks Computex 2022 PR 2

Eclipse G360A and G500A

Launching on June 8th, the G360A will feature a new design front mesh panel with increased air intake  thanks to the enlarged mesh surface area. The case will also support up to 400mm long GPUs, a new  removable fan bracket, and pre-equipped 3x PWM DRGB fans. The G360A will be available in Satin Black  and Matte White color options.

Following the G360A, the G500A will have new features that include a better innovative design to the  front and top for easy fan/radiator installation with a new look for the front mesh panel. The G500A will be  available at the end of the summer and have the option of Satin Black or Matte White colors.

Shift XT LCD Screen Module

With the successful release of the Shift XT and its one-of-a-kind innovative design, Phanteks has stepped  up its game with the release of a new accessory for the Shift XT. Phanteks will be releasing a LCD screen module that you can use to replace the infinity mirror and allow you to have a secondary monitor in front of your case. You can display temperature sensors, watch video, or even have a gaming system on the go  without bringing the monitor. The LCD screen is easy to install and brings your Shift XT to a whole new level.

Phanteks Computex 2022 PR 3

LGA 1700 and AM5 Bracket support for the Glacier One MP AIO Coolers

With the new LGA 1700 and AM5 socket out, you have nothing to worry when buying our Glacier One MP  AIOs. With the proof of purchase of any of our Glacier One MP AIO coolers and a receipt of your LGA 1700/ AM5 motherboards you can contact Phanteks support for a compatible bracket.

Pricing and Availability

  • Eclipse P500A Matte White: Available now @ €149.90 / $149.90 / £134.99
  • Eclipse G360A: June 8th 2022
  • Eclipse G500A: End of Summer 2022
  • Evolv Shift XT LCD Screen Module: TBA
  • LGA 1700 and AM5 Bracket: Available now

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