MetaTrader 4 is a staple in the world of trading software, with the 2005 product from MetaQuotes Software quickly becoming widely used by brokers due to its impressive functionality.

Its server and client components made MT4 appealing for commercial brokers, while the ability to write trading scripts and robots attracted those looking to personalize their trading. 2010’s successor MetaTrader 5 may have been slow to develop popularity, but eight years after its release MT5 remains one of the best trading platforms.

MT5’s inability to take the trading world by storm in the manner of its predecessor is because traders didn’t instantly observe any significant improvements over MT4. Downloading MT5 was redundant when MT4 was the standard trading platform and was continuing to fulfil its purpose adroitly. Yet MT5 made improvements to the back-testing function and introduced commerce integration while retaining everything that made MT4 an instant classic.

MT5 is available to download for free at, giving users access to the platform that facilitates trading in forex, stocks and futures. Some might argue that MT4 remains the king, but MT5 is more tailored to the needs of the modern trader. When it comes to maximizing modern technology, MetaTrader excels; the program is available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, while those looking to trade on the move have the option to do so whether owning an Apple or Android device. For those seeking to explore trading options alongside a full-time vocation, that versatility is highly attractive.

The program itself similarly allows tech-savvy traders to balance market research with other commitments via the use of an automated forex trading tool. These forex robots, named such because of their methodical use of algorithms in automatically scanning markets to uncover profitable trades, are particularly useful for those who cannot dedicate a lot of time to manually track prices and data. Another benefit is that humans can often be influenced by emotions when making decisions, whereas the robot can objectively interpret statistical trends. For more details, visit

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This may sound like a guaranteed pathway to success, but it’s important to remember that robots can’t approach trades with the creative thinking that humans can. Whatever your perception of forex robots, the inclusion of more than 2000 trading robots and indicators in MT5 gives users the option to approach trading in their preferred manner.

These robots aren’t free with the program, but MetaTrader’s clear and intuitive layout makes their renting or purchase a straightforward process. One thing that is free is access to MetaTrader’s community where users can share strategies. This is particularly useful for a newcomer in the world of trading, with the ability to learn from those with more experience one of the best ways to gain a deeper understanding of markets.

Through the sizeable MT community, users can also subscribe to a successful fellow trader’s signals. The platform will automatically complete traders based on their moves, so it is important that you trust the strategy of the trader. This gives an alternative option for those skeptical of forex robots.

Unless you have been wedded to MT4 for a long time, there is little reason not to select MT5 as your trading platform of choice. In comparison to software beyond the MetaTrader brand, the program holds up commendably. Spotware Systems’ cTrader offers many of the same benefits as MT5, surpassing the MetaTrader range with its Depth of Market functionality. cTrader can be downloaded from for those who prefer its style and interface to MT5. Yet, there is little to differentiate between cTrader and MT5 in terms of content, therefore giving the latter program an edge.

MT5, and MT4 before it, are arguably the most established software in the business, with most robots and scripts developed with MetaTrader usage in mind. MetaTrader remains the heavyweight of forex trading software, continuing to cater for experienced and rookie traders alike.

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