Studio grade headphones are one of the best things you could provide to your ears as a treat and when you slap a mic on it, well that might make it a proper gaming headset – which is what ROCCAT is aiming to deliver with the recently announced RENGA Gaming Headset.

The ROCCAT RENGA appears to be an open-back, circumaural gaming headset that features design philosophies similar to Superlux and AKG’s headphones. That is a nice trait, as one of these acoustic giants might be the OEM of the RENGA by design, quality or even by the transducers. The RENGA supports multi-platform usage and with that said, it is not limited to PC use alone.


Price should be around 49 USD, or at 2, 300 Pesos and it should hit the stores this end of February. We’ve got words from ROCCAT’s representatives that it is going to be sold here at the PH as well which will happen around the same timeline or by mid March. With a sweet price point and promising qualities, we can only wait for the RENGA to arrive.

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    August 16, 2016

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