TEAMGROUP launches multiple products with their own features. The simple, compact C185 and the C186 with classic design both have elegant and concise case, and the smooth retractable capless design makes it easy for consumers to use. The T183 Tool USB drive is the perfect interpretation of practical concepts. It not only has won the 2018 COMPUTEX d&i award, but also was highly praised by the Taiwan Excellence Awards recently.

The T183 Tool USB drive is the first to include practical functions like bottle opener, straight ruler, etc. In addition, it also has high speed storage performance, which makes it both trendy and practical.

Constantly innovating in response to the current trend, TEAM GROUP’s new USB drives have sleek ridgeline and smooth streamline design, which creates a trendy and minimalist style. Both USB drives have retractable design that makes it easy for handheld. The special designed structure not only can reduce wear and tear, but also eliminate the trouble of misplacing the cap. Both devices has its own features. The C185 uses USB 2.0 interface and has classic silver characters. The C186 has black base color with premium golden color to emphasize its high quality. It has USB 3.1 Gen1 interface and up to 128GB of storage capacity to satisfy consumers with different needs. Plug and play makes file sharing and backup easier than ever.

TeamGroup T183 PR (1)

With a superb appearance, the T183 Tool USB drive is highly praised globally and has won the 2018 COMPUTEX d&i award and the Taiwan Excellence Awards. It has practical and essential tools like bottle opener, straight ruler, pocket knife, key chai, etc. The durable metal body is made by top class Zinc alloy forging technology and has bold lines with angular and one-piece design. It uses COB assembly process to offer multi-protection such as waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof, etc., making consumers be at ease. The creative magnetic feature allows it to be easily placed on iron surface. It is your best little helper no matter you are in the office or at home.

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