PlayPark’s newest mobile MMORPG TERA Classic SEA is ready for pre-registration on Play Store and pre-order on App Store now! Once the pre-registration reaches the specified target, everyone will receive the rewards when the game is officially launched.

The TERA Classic SEA [Triple War] led by the TERA Ambassadors is now open! The campaign gathers Streamers, Cosplayers, and famous VTubers from five countries, including Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Just vote and support your favorite team on the website. If the team you choose reaches the most in-game character levels together, you have a chance to win big rewards like the Asus ROG Flow Z13 and ROG Phone worth more than 2,800 USD!

With over one million downloads in South Korea alone, TERA Classic SEA has consistently topped the app rankings during its launching and has always been in the Top 10 highest-grossing games on the Google Play Store in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

tera classic sea pre registration pr 1

With stunning graphics, engaging mechanics, skill customization for all characters, and the ability to create unlimited combos, TERA Classic SEA brings a world-class MMORPG experience complete with dungeons, mounts, bosses, PvP, and fashion outfits. By launch, the game will feature the five core classes: High Elf Archer, Slayer, Elin Lancer, Elin Priest, and Gladiator. Rediscover the legendary MMORPG Tera, this time in mobile form! Learn more at the official website.

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