PlayPark, the premier online game publisher in Southeast Asia under Asiasoft Corporation, is preparing to launch “TERA Classic SEA”, the mobile version of TERA Online, a legendary open-world MMORPG game that captured the imagination of a generation of gamers.

Gamers who enjoyed TERA Online as well as new players who want to try out a new mobile MMORPG offering will be happy to know that pre-registration to TERA Classic SEA is now open.

To celebrate TERA Classic SEA and its upcoming release, the PlayPark TERA Classic SEA Team is having a massive giveaway. Participants must be pre-registered to join and can win an ASUS ROG FLow Z13 gaming laptop, an ASUS ROG Phone 5, and a lot of in-game rewards. Pre-register now at

TERA Classic SEA will be available in five countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia and will support up to four languages: Thai, English, Chinese, and Bahasa. The pre-registration campaign is just the start of TERA Classic SEA’s launch activities! Be sure to watch your favorite content creators, game streamers, and Vtubers as they embark on their journey to TERA very soon.

Developed by LANTU Games, TERA Classic SEA is an open-world MMORPG based on the popular PC classic TERA Online with over 25 million downloads worldwide. TERA Classic SEA has been updated with new content to fit smartphone gameplay mechanics while maintaining the key features and the classic charm of the original TERA Online PC game.

Such is the commitment to bringing the purest essence of TERA Online to smartphones that gamers have voted TERA Classic SEA to be the most authentic mobile adaptation of the game to date! With over one million downloads in South Korea alone, the game garnered a very strong second spot in app rankings during its launching and has always been in the Top 10 highest grossing games on the Google Play Store in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

For more information on TERA Classic SEA, join the official Facebook Page and check out the official website at

In the initial release, there will be 5 characters to choose; High Elf Archer, Slayer, Elin Lancer, Elin Priest, and Gladiator.

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