TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises, introduces the F2-423 2-Bay NAS and F4-423 4-Bay NAS. The F2-423 and F4-423 high-performance NAS products are designed for small- and medium-sized businesses. Both deliver exceptional performance with its faster quad-core processor and larger memory support compared to the previous generation F2-422 and F4-422 NAS.

The TerraMaster F2-423 and F4-423 NAS devices are equipped with an Intel Celeron N5105/N5095 quad-core processor with a maximum burst frequency of 2.9GHz. Both are equipped with 4GB DDR4 SODIMM memory, expandable up to 32GB memory (2x 16GB). The F2-423 and F4-423 supports 20TB HDDs, supporting up to 40TB (2x 20TB) and 80TB (4x 20TB) of maximum internal raw storage capacity respectively. Both NAS units also comes with two M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 slots that support NVMe SSDs for SSD caching or for M.2 Wi-Fi modules.

Made Faster and Better

The TerraMaster F2-423 and F4-423 uses a Jasper Lake Intel Celeron N5105/5095 2.0GHz quad-core processor a maximum turbo of 2.9 GHz. Compared to the previous generation models, the F2-423 and F4-423 delivers 50% improvement in handling high-load workflows, 37% faster file and photo retrieval, 35% improvement in database response time, and 40% faster webpage PHP response speeds.

TerraMaster F2 423 F4 423 PR 1

Dual 2.5GbE NICs

The TerraMaster F2-423 and F4-423 are configured with two 2.5 GbE interfaces and supports Link Aggregation of up to 5Gbps of combined bandwidth, perfect for multi-user, high-concurrent file access. The linear data transmission speed can reach 283 MB/s (Seagate IronWolf 18TB, RAID 0).

TerraMaster F2 423 F4 423 PR 2

Powerful Multimedia Service

With 4K video decoding capability, the F2-423 and F4-423 are compatible with uPnP/DLNA protocol for streaming videos to various supported multimedia devices. It supports the TerraMaster’s proprietary application Multimedia Server and most third-party multimedia applications.

Flexible Storage Configuration

The F2-423 and F4-423 support various RAID types. It offers online capacity expansion and online migration for RAID types. Both also supports multiple storage spaces, and ext4 or BTRFS file systems.

Professional Operating System

The F2-423 and F4-423 runs on the TerraMaster TOS 4.2.30, an operating system developed based on Linux. Both TNAS devices supports the latest TOS 5 which can be updated for free. TOS provides professional storage management functions including network management, permission management, storage management, and resource. Numerous apps are also available on the TOS App Store.

Across-Platform File Services

F2-423 and F4-423 supports most file services including SMB, AFP, SFTP/FTP, iSCSI, NFS, and WebDAV. Moreover, the F4-423 supports Windows AD domain and LDAP.

Rich Backup Solutions

Like all of TerraMaster’s NAS devices, the F2-423 and F4-423 has a rich selection of backup solutions. Both TNAS support Centralized Backup, Duple Backup, Snapshot, CloudSync and others.

Virtualized Applications

The F2-423 and F4-423 can be used for virtualization applications with its support for professional virtualized apps, including VirtualBox and Docker.

Pricing and Availability

The TerraMaster F2-423 and F4-423 are now available for $379.99 and $499.99, respectively.

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