Today, WhatsApp has over a billion monthly active users. The reason being this popular messaging platform provides an opportunity to exchange text, photos, audio files, videos, and even create groups. It’s not surprising that young and old prefer using it instead of the standard SMS service.

Suppose you’re worried that your kid is using WhatsApp to hide suspicious conversations. Or that they’re falling into groups that lure children to heinous intentions. The first thing you need to do is get access to this instant messenger.

Worry not! In this article, you’ll learn an easier, more efficient way that allows you to stay on top of your child’s WhatsApp conversation.

Part 1: How to Read Your Child’s WhatsApp Messages Remotely

From a technical standpoint, you can read your children’s WhatsApp messages using three distinct ways. The spoofing method is quite tricky. It requires advanced technical knowledge to achieve it. The second method can be done by utilizing the WhatsApp web.

The above-discussed ways may be useful, but they cannot monitor your kids’ WhatsApp account effectively and secretly. For effective WhatsApp control, a reliable monitoring app becomes essential.  While there are many available, only FoneMonitor can guarantee the best information and ease of use.

FoneMonitor – The Unmatchable WhatsApp Monitoring App

The FoneMonitor program is all in one parental control app for WhatsApp monitoring. The app offers a vast number of features with different package plans for every user. It’s one of the safest apps to surveil on WhatsApp, and your kid will remain unsuspicious about the monitoring.

FoneMonitor GP 2

The app offers a WhatsApp monitoring solution to millions of customers in around 190+ countries globally. You’ll get to see all WhatsApp messages and everything shared on both iOS and Android phones.

Attached to every conversation are the contact details and timestamps. Such features and many others have emerged interesting to prominent platforms such as Forbes, Digital Trends, and The Verge.

The FoneMonitor interface is intuitive and straightforward, meaning you can effortlessly set it up and operate without technical skills. However, if you encounter difficulties, FoneMonitor around the clock support system will offer guidelines.

What really gives this app the edge over its competitors is the insightful design that lies at the heart of FoneMonitor functionality. While it does have a price, it’s worth your every dime. You don’t believe me? Click this link to experience a free live demo.

Part 2: What Makes FoneMonitor Top-Class in WhatsApp Monitoring

FoneMonitor spearhead design and functionality set it apart from the rest. Here are a few reasons why:

Web-based Monitoring

You don’t have to install any app on your phone to read your kids’ WhatsApp messages. For your convenience, FoneMonitor has a handy dashboard that automatically displays all sync data into categories.

Plus, it opens in any web browser, anywhere, anytime without your child’s knowledge.

No Root or Jailbreak Access Required

Unlike other monitoring apps, if you use FoneMonitor, jailbreaking or rooting of the target device is unnecessary. This prevents any lurking vulnerabilities from being manipulated by malicious software and protects your kids from online hackers.

Data Security

Data security is paramount today, and FoneMonitor recognizes that. It took the technique of cooperating top-level encryption protocols. As a result, it doesn’t store WhatsApp messages and other data on its cloud. Instead, the information syncs when you log in to your account.

Discreet Monitoring

FoneMonitor’s stealth mode allows it to become utterly invisible while operating both in iOS and Android devices.

On the iPhone, it works without ever interacting with the target device. How so? All iOS devices have an inherent iCloud backup feature that FoneMonitor utilizes to retrieve the child’s WhatsApp messages.

The uploaded data is encrypted and can only be accessed via your FoneMonitor dashboard. With no app installation on the target phone, you’re required to verify the user’s iCloud ID for FoneMonitor to extract private WhatsApp messages.

For the Android devices, installing FoneMonitor on the kid’s phone is not an option. It only takes about 5 minutes to install the 2MB FoneMonitor app. Once installed, you can hide the app, and it’ll run in the background without draining the battery or sending notifications.

Displays Everything on Your Child’s WhatsApp Account

    • Read WhatsApp Private & Group conversation: FoneMonitor allows you to get access to all sent, received, and even deleted messages via its control panel. You’ll be able to read through the messages and find out if your kid is hiding something.
    • View Timestamps: Every WhatsApp chat has a time and date stamp attached.
  • Check Contacts: FoneMonitor allows you to keep track of whom your kids are chatting with. Each message has contact information including, name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Download Media Files: Using this app, retrieving shared audio, video, and image files are relatively straightforward. You can even download them for more clarification.

Part 3: Setting Up FoneMonitor for Android and iOS

Having outlined the salient features of this exceptional phone monitor, we shall look at its installation process.

Step 1:  Create a free FoneMonitor account with an active email ID. Select the target device OS to proceed to the next page.

FoneMonitor GP 4

Step 2: Purchase a subscription plan that fits your needs. You’ll receive a confirmation email with login details, receipt, and setup instructions. For Android, FoneMonitor will provide a download link.

Step 3: For iPhone, enter and verify the iCloud credentials of your child’s device.

FoneMonitor GP 5

Step 4:  In Android, use the given link to download FoneMonitor app. Ensure you activate stealth mode to hide the icon.

FoneMonitor GP 3

Step 5:  Using the login details provided, log in to your control panel. Once on the dashboard, navigate to the left side and click on the “WhatsApp” tab to read WhatsApp messages.

FoneMonitor GP 6

In addition to monitoring WhatsApp messages, FoneMonitor offers 35+ features to utilize. You can also read messages from Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social networks. Take advantage of the website history monitor, the keylogger, and location tracker for more control.


When we love something, we find ourselves monitoring it all the time. This is why you find yourself manually caring for your children, pets, cars, homes, or even monitoring other gadgets.

With FoneMonitor, you can always keep an eye on your children’s WhatsApp chats without disappointment. The app is legit, confidential, and reliable.

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