No matter if you are a big organization or an individual, you need to perform background checks on the person that you deal with. Access to public records comes under the right of citizens. Hence, you can access any public record about any individual you want.

However, the main question is- Why should ordinary people use background checks?

In this article, we will discuss the need for performing a background check and its benefits. Additionally, we will give you an online attorney that makes it much easier to access these records. Anyone can do a background check with this application within a few minutes.

Tip: Here is a quick link to check people’s background online free of cost.

What is a background check?

A background check is a process to know a few details about the history of a person. It includes all the criminal activities of a person. However, the data is from credible government sources and can not be used for illegal purposes.

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Most of the companies perform a background check in their hiring process. Similarly, parents can use this application to know more about the person they are hiring to take care of their children.

A background check includes the police records, arrest records, court discussions, and several other charges of a person. That way, everyone has the right to know who they are interacting with. Performing a background check requires you to use one of the online databases.

Here is the best application to perform a background check remotely.


CocoFinder is an online platform that lets you search for people’s public information from reliable sources. It has a database created from millions of sources that contains public information about every person living in the United States. This data is from the information centres and can be trusted with the results.

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The website offers features like People search, phone lookup, address search, and background record services. All you need is to search for the person you want to target and click on their profile. It will show you all the relevant information from their database remotely.

People use it to hire the right employees for their business and for personal reasons such as finding the owner of a phone number or a random address. You can check its website to know more about the features to perform a background check.

What can you find with a background Check?

The findings of a background check depending on the source of information that you are using. You may find limited information through offline methods as compared to online activities.

Here are the things that you can check with CocoFinder during a background check:

Address history: You can check the address history of any person with a background check website. It fetches the official information from credible sources and shows it on a single platform. That way, you access someone’s location history to know more about them. In most cases, you will find all the updated locations of the person that you want to check.

Criminal Record: It includes all the criminal activities done by the person in any area, city, or state. The data is regularly updated from the reports of government agencies.  Former employers can update the criminal activities of an employee to help others know about their history.

Sexual Offenses: It is one of the most crucial data available in the background checks of a person. Anyone can access the sexual offense history of a person based on their past activities. It helps you protect yourself from these people and to avoid interacting with them in anyways.

Background Screening:  Background screening is a complete process of doing a background check on someone. Through this method, you can check someone’s educational history, work history, interests, and other public information. It helps you know a few more things about the people you interact with.

These were some of the benefits of doing a background check on someone. You can get the complete list on its website.

Reasons to use Background Checks for Ordinary People

Performing a background check on someone ensures the safety of both parties. Here are reasons to perform Background checks on someone:

Helps You Avoid Getting Into a Relationship With The Wrong Person

The biggest advantage of a background check is that it helps you avoid meeting criminals. When you interact with someone regularly, you can perform a background check on them. It will help you know them better. Additionally, you can ensure that there is no problem in spending time with them.

Protects Your Kid

You can not be around your kids all the time. Hence, you need to make sure that they are hanging out with the right people. You can perform a background on your kid’s nanny or caretaker to make sure they are right for them. With a single search, you can get their complete history. Additionally, there are many other people like your neighbors and step-parents to check history.

Protection of Business From Frauds and Scammers

Performing a background check on your business partners can save you a lot of time and trouble. There are many instances where people have faced huge losses just because they trusted the wrong guy. With a background check, you can know all the work history of the person including any money laundering or other frauds.

Additionally, you can use the phone lookup service of this website to check the owner of a phone number. That way, you can avoid connecting with the scammers and telemarketers.

Final Words

There was a time when only businesses used to perform background checks before hiring an employee. However, anyone can do this for their own safety through online platforms. It helps you avoid interacting with the person who has a criminal record. Additionally, you can understand who is doing your business with.

CocoFinder is an excellent application to perform a background check. The website is quite simple and allows a one-click solution for all your requirements. That is the reason why people prefer this website more than its alternatives.

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