Pearl Abyss announced today that the second Conquest War Pre-Season is set to begin in Black Desert SEA. Starting September 11, Guild members will be able to enjoy a revamped version of one of the fiercest battle modes.

Conquest War is a large-scale PvP content in which guilds compete over a territory. The guild that takes over said territory is given dominion and the right to collect accumulated taxes in that area. It is a massive battle mode in which hundreds of Adventurers can participate simultaneously using various siege weapons.

The Conquest War Pre-Season will return with updates after having received feedback from participants of the previous season. Running for 4 weeks, the second pre-season will no longer have the Liberation concept but rather rank guilds according to scores at the end of the battle. Members of the guild that conquer a territory or score highest in the Conquest War will receive 2 billion Silver worth of Gold Bars as well as other special rewards.

Moreover, Adventurers who hunt up to September 29 can obtain Source of Lightning, a special buff that will give 20 additional attacking points against monsters. The Hot-Time event period will also be extended for another week. 300% Combat EXP and 50% Skill EXP will be applied for 24 hours until September 15.

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