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3 Tools that Help Students and Teachers Cope with Pandemic-Related Limitations

While the covid-19 pandemic has caused lots of damage to numerous industries during the last year (tourism, restaurants and concerts, just to name a few), it has also generated a demand for creation of numerous technological solutions that would have probably not appeared in the market as fast otherwise. One of the spheres that had to literally reinvent itself in order to keep functioning is the education sphere.

Both young children who study at school and adult students who attend colleges and universities have found themselves locked down in their homes for uncertain periods in various countries across the world, so teachers and lecturers have found themselves in need of more solutions than the obvious use of ZOOM in order to adapt to the new reality and be able to keep fulfilling their professional duties the best way possible. Although it’s difficult to replicate the same studying environment that exists in a physical class in the long run (especially for younger students), the following tools nowadays help both teachers and students to cooperate effectively and sometimes even handle various tasks way better than they used to in pre-pandemic times. – QR Code Based Attendance Tracking App

Whether you are the best student in the class, a prankster who shows up in the class only once in a while or a teacher, one thing is certain – you probably don’t like the attendance checking process. It wastes precious time, creates a loophole for those who skip their lessons and makes those who show up think that it’s an opportunity to enter the class a few minutes later.

An online attendance tracker app solves this problem easily, making it possible to check attendance of even hundreds of students within less than a minute and the use of a dynamic qr-code makes it impossible for students to cheat. The data collected by the app provides useful stats for teachers and lecturers, making it possible for them to keep track of attendance and each student throughout the year, during both in-class and online lessons. Although there are other attendance tracking apps available, is the only one that provides hybrid learning friendly solutions for those teachers who combine in-class and zoom-based lessons.

Differ – Virtual Socializing Solution for Social Distanced Campuses

Limited ability to socialize with classmates and other students from the same age category is something that even the utmost introverts consider an obstacle. “Differ” app has existed since 2015, but the demand for it skyrocketed in 2020 and keeps growing in 2021.

It helps students find like-minded pals with similar interests and communicate through private chats, group conversations and course communities that can be created by teachers.  Differ’s virtual socializing solutions not only help students keep in touch with friends and find new ones, but also have a vast impact on their level of learning engagement, which results in dropout rates reduction.

Perlego – the Spotify Equivalent of Textbooks

This startup cooperates with publishers in order to make hundreds of thousands of textbooks accessible for college students, for rather affordable rates. Any student can subscribe to Perlego and spare himself the need to search for the textbooks that he needs in a (sometimes inaccessible due to lockdown limitations) library.

This is one of the fastest growing British startups nowadays and the growing number of subscribers shows that this startup is here to stay.

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