To make your career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, you have to go through a certification exam mandatorily. Perhaps, you have heard about CNA test that analyzes both clinical expertise and conceptual understanding for which candidates have to appear for a written MCQ section along with a practical segment.

You can find out different sample tests online that you should check to assess the question pattern of CNA test. You have to also search for the textbooks, practice books, and the best-in-class study materials that will be required to pass this exam.

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What is CNA Exam?

If you already completed an approved nursing assistant program, then you have to compulsorily appear for a state-issued test in order to become Certified Nursing Assistant (in short CNA). The content of these tests are not the same, and you can review them to find out the differences.

The CNA test analyses the skills, knowledge, and competencies of the candidates, appearing for it. You will get opportunities to grasp those skills after enrolling in a CNA certification program. You should compile all of your study materials in one place to start preparing for CNA test. However, before initiating the preparation, you have to design your strategy of preparation that will set you apart from other competitors.

The Structure of CNA Exam

The CNA test has been divided into two segments in total, and they are a written exam and a clinical skills exam. A candidate has to achieve success in both of these sections in order to earn certification. However, different states have a different set of rules associated with CNA test. Hence, it’s essential to know about the requirements of your state.

The Practical Section of CNA test is about the analysis of the on-the-job skills. The examiners observe candidates whenever they start demonstrating the skills, commonly used by CNA professionals. It’s a very important and significant part of CNA test.

The score of this particular section will be generated depending on your performance on the tasks. You might have to demonstrate such skills on a dummy or with a peer student. Some of such skills on which you might have to give test are as follows:

Personal Care: It is one of the important parts of this particular segment. You might know that bathing as well as grooming patients is a job of CNA professionals and these skills are going to be analyzed throughout the clinical segment of CNA test.

Utilization of Restorative Devices: You have to hold a clear understanding about the utilization procedure and helping techniques in times of helping others in using different mobility types of mobility equipment, including crutches, walkers or prostheses. Also, it helps when you gain knowledge about the devices that usually improve the lifestyle or functions of a patient, and such devices include catheters or various other urinary and bowel control equipment.

Mental Health Requirements: You have to know about the addressing the requirements of the mental health of patients. It is essential to know how to deal with patients with dementia, schizophrenia, and psychosocial disorders. Specializing in this particular segment is specifically important in case you are planning to be a CNA professional in the specialization in mentally disabled nursing care.

General Nursing Expertise: As a CNA professional, you have to maintain a tremendously clean environment, recognizing signs and abnormalities regularly, and washing hands (both yours as well as the patients’).

Some Preparation Tips for CNA Exam

Some online forums along with different other study materials will be useful for you in starting your CNA preparation. You should join more than one online CNA forums to exchange knowledge, tips, and concepts of this exam. You can also post your queries and queries on these forums and get clarification.

Take Suggestions: It will be better if you can communicate with a real co-worker or patient and thus you will get some practical knowledge in order to get help for your CNA test.

Proper Utilization of time: Time management is another important criterion to get success in any exam. When you are answering questions, don’t rush through question after question. With proper strategy and continuous practice, you can become completely prepare for this exam.

Appear for Practice Tests: After covering the entire syllabus, it’s time to start appearing for practise tests. In case, you have already enrolled in an online CNA course; then they will most probably arrange mock tests at the final phase of the preparation. Otherwise, you can enroll for some well-reputed mock tests. These practice tests will help you in self-assessment so that you can easily find out your strengths and weaknesses in the preparation.

Practice tests will give you opportunities to feel the flavour of the actual CNA exam. You can discuss the faculties about your mock test results and modify your preparation strategy accordingly. These tests will also help you in managing time wisely in times of solving questions.

The Bottom Line

Success and failure are two faces of one coin, and in the world of the competitive exam, no one can predict the success beforehand. Hence, it will be a wise idea to make a backup plan. In case you don’t pass CNA test, you can try your luck for the next time. You have to thoroughly analyze your flaws if you have decided to reappear for CNA. Emphasize those questions you have mistaken so that you can improve your preparation strategy. You can also ask for preparation tips from CNAs. Don’t forget that different states have different nursing assistant licensing requirements. You can search for the particular information on the dedicated website of the state nursing board.

Basically, you have to reappear for the test within two years. In case you delay more than this period, then you might have to repeat a CNA training program. You have three chances for retaking CNA test. Hence, if you don’t achieve success on the first try, no space is there for hopelessness.


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