Mark Papermaster, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Executive Vice President (EVP) of Technology and Engineering at AMD, has embarked on an endeavor to share valuable insights into the world of computing technology through his new video series, “Advanced Insights.”

In the inaugural episode of this series, Papermaster engages in a conversation with Forrest Norrod, who serves as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Data Center Solutions at AMD. Together, they delve into the strategies and innovations that have disrupted the server market, leading to the development of groundbreaking chip technology. This discussion promises to offer a deep dive into the journey behind these disruptive advancements, providing valuable lessons and perspectives for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

With a commitment to fostering dialogue around the most exciting trends and topics in computing technology, “Advanced Insights” is set to become a valuable resource for those seeking to stay informed and engaged in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the latest episodes and insights, AMD encourages viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel and stay tuned for monthly releases. The first episode featuring Papermaster and Norrod promises to be particularly enlightening, offering a glimpse into the visionary strategies driving innovation within the industry. Be sure to watch the episode and join the conversation as AMD continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in computing technology.

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