AMD just announced a new naming system to support its 2023 mobile processor family.

AMD has seen incredible growth of its mobile business – notebook shipments with Ryzen processors have grown 49 percent in just two years – and in turn, has reinvested in all-new processor categories for 2023, including “Mendocino” for feature-rich mainstream notebooks and “Dragon Range” for top-tier gaming.

The new mobile processors will all be branded according to the following system:

AMD Naming Scheme 2023 Mobile CPU PR 2

This system is foundational to how AMD will be naming and numbering its mobile processors for years to come, from mainstream thin and light notebooks to the latest SOC for gaming and content creation.

AMD Naming Scheme 2023 Mobile CPU PR 3

Additionally, AMD is making sure that no series will overlap each other when it comes to their respective performance segments. This is obviously hard to implement in reality since the ODM still has the final say as to where a given processor should be put to use.

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