AMD’s Curacao Pro has seen spot light ages ago, and good ol’ AMD is reported to retire the chip to make way for the Trinidad GPUs.

The said Trinidad Graphics Processing Unit will feature 28nm process, which indicates that it’s unlikely for us to see 20nm GPUs anytime soon. You might remember that the Curacao Pro is actually a re-brand of the HD 7870s, so Trinidad’s reveal this coming March is just appropriate.


Sources indicates that Trinidad will feature a bus width of 256-bit, with no less than 2GB of VRAM for starters. It might also fill in the R9 370, or R9 370X monicker, to prepare for AMD’s upcoming flagship R9 3XX cards with HBM support due to be released also sometime this year. Hopefully, this card will feature better TDP compared to its predecessors.

Source: WCCFTech

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