HardwareBattle.com leaks out what appears to be AMD’s Stock Cooler line-up for the Ryzen CPUs. Raja Koduri himself teased a photo of a Ryzen based system with it on twitter – backing up the leaked image of the stock cooler line-up.

AMD Ryzen CPU Cooler LED News 2

The CPU cooler pictured has a pinkish glow to it, similar to ring based LED fans we’ve checked a couple of months ago. It is still a mystery if the cooler could actually feature RGB illumination, but it is safe to assume that they will feature a single LED color configuration. After all, it is a stock cooler and AMD isn’t known to add unnecessary bulk into their products. The AMD logo appears to be illuminated as well.

Now, AMD’s current line-up is in line with the 65W, 95W, and the “high performance” Wraith like cooler on the leaks, suggesting that the same cooling solutions are probably utilized underneath the flashy shroud. The Wraith for example features dual copper heatpipes, while the 95W cooler features a single one in a U-shaped configuration.


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