AMD has partnered with Sun Singapore Systems Pte. Ltd., the leading smart parking solutions provider in Singapore, to launch an innovative AI smart parking system.

This advanced solution is powered by AMD Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC devices, enhancing vehicle license plate recognition accuracy and introducing features such as parking spot vacancy detection, lane jam monitoring, accident detection, and parking violation enforcement.

Sun Singapore’s cutting-edge system leverages PlanetSpark‚Äôs EdgeAI Box X7, driven by FPGA-based AMD Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs. Aupera Technologies contributed to the design and development of the FPGA firmware and AI vision solutions, ensuring precise license plate reading.

The system delivers low latency, energy efficiency, and real-time AI inferencing at the edge. The flexibility of FPGAs allows them to adapt to evolving AI models and algorithms, meeting the long lifecycle demands of edge devices.

Currently, many electronic parking systems in Singapore are based on outdated technology, lacking the AI capabilities needed for enhanced system functions.

amd to power ai smart parking solution for sun singapore

This new AMD-powered AI solution for automotives revolutionizes the infrastructure by delivering advanced reporting and improved operational features to car park operators. The technology achieves a 99% accuracy rate in license plate reading and enhances parking spot vacancy detection and parking violation enforcement, offering a comprehensive smart parking solution.

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