ASJade Technology Inc., financed by ASRock Technology, is founded to develop a “vehicle data platform” that integrates vehicle data from global car makers to facilitate industries including EVs (electric vehicles), car insurance, traffic management, tourism, advertising to provide innovative services.

Under the trend of autonomous driving, EV charging and power grid integration, and smart cities, new cars with internet connectivity will be the standard. Car makers can collect connected vehicle data in real-time and provide innovative services to car owners, such as components monitoring, information about shopping or parking, and customized maintenance period. Additionally, the data can be used to improve the design of new cars or be collected and analyzed by data platform providers to gain insights into the automotive industry.

In Europe and US, there are already vehicle data platform providers, who collect, integrate, and analyze data from different car makers to enable software providers to offer innovative services. For example, the tourism office can analyze the travel route of each visiting vehicle to know where most visitors come from. The tourism office can decide where and when to place advertisements in the future to attract more tourists. In addition to the investments from big companies such as Dell, General Motors, and Microsoft, European and US vehicle data platform providers have recently successfully listed on Nasdaq, an encouraging sign of the future of vehicle data platforms. ASJade Technology will make full use of the accumulated technologies and talents of Taiwan to quickly start business engagements from the markets of Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia. ASJade plans to complete the development of its vehicle data platform (codenamed ASJadeVIP, VIP stands for Vehicle Interconnection Platform) within one year. To ensure quick deployment to the global market in the near future, ASJade leverages the world-class cloud platform AWS (Amazon Web Service.)

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In Japan, ASJade Technology has project engagements with EV charging operators, power plants, and small and medium-sized cities. The objective is to determine the suitable places for the deployment of EV chargers through the analysis of connected vehicle data together with EV charger data. Also, properly adjusting the charging timing of EVs helps avoid impact on the grid.

ASJade Technology is an important tech partner of MOBI (Mobile Open Blockchain Initiative), an international alliance funded by car makers such as BMW, Ford, General Motor, Honda, Hyundai. ASJade will work with Taiwanese partners to compete with players from all over the world in the Grand Challenge hosted by MOBI, a good opportunity to connect with global car makers and participate in the formulation of specifications for connected vehicle data applications.

ASJade Technology also values privacy when collecting connected vehicle data. Taiwan has become one of the nine member states of CBPR (Cross-Border Privacy Rules) in 2021. Members include the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc. ASJade Technology plans to get the early CBPR certificate soon for quickly passing the privacy requirements when entering the global market in the future.

ASJade Technology aims to become a global “vehicle data platform” provider and bring Taiwan’s software talents to the world for common good.

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