In today’s increasingly mobile world, we heavily rely on our smartphones and laptops to get by. Because of this, battery life has become a common problem; we simply cannot get enough juice to keep our gadgets powered up, especially while on the go.

With the rise in popularity of power banks in most recent years, the market too has been flooded with cheap, low quality, and sometimes even counterfeit, power banks. It is more important now more than ever, for us to be aware of the different safety features of the power bank that we are looking to purchase.

Enter the ZenPower Pro (PD), ASUS’ latest entry in the ZenPower series of portable power banks that specializes in charging both mobile phones and laptops. The ZenPower Pro (PD) is lightweight, yet comes with a huge battery capacity, a USB type-C port with Quick Charge 3.0, and is filled with different features that ensure the safety of your devices — and the power bank itself – all at an affordable price.

Power Bank Built to Last

They say you shouldn’t judge something by how it looks or feels, but the opposite is often true when it comes to power banks. While other manufacturers would often skimp on the materials used to build their own power banks to further lower costs, ASUS has spared no expense on the build quality of the ZenPower Pro (PD). This is very important when looking for a power bank, because a sturdy case is necessary to protect the lithium ion batteries inside.

ASUS-ZenPower-PD-PR (2)

Aside from the premium build, the ZenPower Pro (PD)’s different ports are also subjected to up to 5000 insertion tests, and the casing itself is drop-tested to a height of 100cm. Not only that, but the ZenPower Pro (PD) is also tested for operating under extreme temperatures, up to minus 40 degrees! It’s built to last, and designed to be able to provide power to your devices well beyond the usual usage scenarios.

Huge Capacity

A lot of power banks advertise high capacities and fast charging. But how fast, and how much capacity are they really able to hold? It’s very easy to pack in as many batteries into a power bank as possible and call it high capacity, but not all lithium ion batteries are made equally.

For example, a low quality power bank we recently tested actually managed to charge only up to half of the authentic one’s advertised capacity, at best. More often than not, they also charge slowly; testing showed that the counterfeit power bank can only charge your phone at half of the speed of regular smartphone fast charging.

ZenPower Pro (PD)’s comes with a huge 13600 mAh capacity. That’s enough to charge your smartphone more than twice before needing a top up, and up until a usable amount of percentage for laptops. Its Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging also offers up to 18W of power, and multiple USB ports even allow you to charge multiple devices at once – even the combination of a smartphone and a laptop. And you don’t have to worry about the safety of your devices while using the ZenPower, because of its multiple safety design features.

360 Protection

It’s not just the batteries and the charging speed inside a power bank that’s important. The electronics inside the power bank controls the power input and output, and this is equally as important. Because of faulty charging circuits, low quality power banks may cause your phones’ battery lifespan to be shortened, or even potentially damage the phone or laptop’s own charging circuit. They may also cause short-circuits and burn, which makes them a potential fire hazard.

ASUS-ZenPower-PD-PR (3)

ZenPower Pro (PD) also provides 11 industry-leading safety features that help regulate the power input and output of the power bank, as well as features like short circuit and voltage protection that protects you, your power bank and your device.

Thanks to exclusive ASUS PowerSafe technology, ZenPower Pro (PD) gives you total peace of mind for your devices. PowerSafe monitors temperatures, controls input and output voltages, and guards against short circuits. ZenPower Pro (PD) is also certified for safety, electromagnetic-interference (EMI) levels and charging performance by seven leading international testing organizations, and also conforms to IEC standards.

Multiple USB ports, huge capacity and fast charging, all in one power bank. All these features makes the ZenPower Pro (PD) one of the fastest and most reliable high capacity power banks out there.


Get the lightweight but powerful ASUS ZenPower Pro (PD) with dual USB ports, USB type-C charging, Quick Charge 3.0, and 13600mAh high capacity battery at official ASUS concept stores and kiosks nationwide for just PHP 3,995.00.

Learn more about this incredibly powerful product by visiting ASUS Philippines’ website, official Facebook,Instagram and Twitter pages for more updates.

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