ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today unveiled its latest lineup of gaming accessories at CES® 2018, including the ROG Strix Flare RGB mechanical keyboard, ROG Aura Terminal addressable RGB controller, ROG Spotlight RGB projection light and Bezel-free Kit display accessory. This full lineup of new ROG products is designed to enable gamers to create their own perfect battle station and enjoy totally immersive gaming experiences.

The ROG Strix Flare RGB mechanical gaming keyboard delivers premier performance, ergonomic comfort and a new level of customizable style with individually backlit Cherry MX RGB switches, dedicated media keys positioned for instant in-game control, an illuminated customizable logo badge and Aura Sync lighting.

The ROG Aura Terminal and ROG Spotlight accessories feature Aura Sync, which provides synchronized lighting with a wide range of supported devices, so gamers can easily create stunning system effects with a unified look and feel. In 2018, ROG is taking Aura Sync to the next level by expanding its Aura SDK program to let software developers and hardware partners integrate even more Aura Sync features into their creations. AIDA64, Tobii and Cooler Master showcased demos at CES 2018 highlighting the possibilities of the Aura SDK.

ROG Strix Flare

ROG Strix Flare is an RGB mechanical gaming keyboard that combines top-notch performance with ergonomic comfort, and brings customizable style to a whole new level. Constructed with world-renowned Cherry MX RGB switches — the preferred choice of professional and amateur gamers alike — every press of the ROG Strix Flare is of optimal actuation to deliver satisfying and reliable keystrokes. Dedicated media keys, including a convenient volume wheel, are located on the upper left of the keyboard for instant access, so the gamer’s right hand can remain on the mouse at all times. A USB pass-through port lets gamers connect a mouse or other device, and a detachable wrist rest provides extra comfort during extended gaming sessions.


ROG Strix Flare features a stylish dual-textured case with the signature ROG slash design, and a swappable, illuminated acrylic insert emblazoned with the ROG badge. An additional blank badge is included, which gamers can customize with their personal or team insignia. Powered by Aura Sync lighting technology, ROG Strix Flare has individually programmable RGB backlit keys, and LEDs under both sides to create an underglow effect that extends the customizable lighting beyond the keyboard. All of the onboard lighting effects can be synchronized with the vast ecosystem of Aura Sync devices to give gamers a personalized battle station with a cohesive look.

ROG Aura Terminal

ROG Aura Terminal is a quad-channel addressable RGB controller designed to bring gamers a more immersive gaming environment. Featuring innovative ROG Halo technology, ROG Aura Terminal enables stunning system lighting effects synchronized to in-game action. When LED strips are mounted behind a monitor, ROG Halo instantly determines the colors displayed at the edges of the screen and illuminates the LED strips with matching colors, creating a dynamic halo of lighting around the display for captivating gaming. ROG Aura Terminal can also be mounted inside the PC case and connected to Aura Sync devices to create unified system lighting effects.


Bezel-free Kit

Bezel-free Kit is an accessory that enables gamers with multiple-monitor setups to visually eliminate the gaps where their displays connect, creating the appearance of one extra-large, wraparound monitor for a totally immersive gaming experience. Bezel-free Kit consists of vertical lenses and easy-to-attach mounts that connect the edge of each monitor at a 130-degree angle — the angle determined through extensive testing to provide the best viewing experience. An optical device that requires no software or power to operate, Bezel-free Kit uses light refraction to make the monitor edges disappear to the viewer. It provides an innovative, simple and effective method of increasing field of view and dramatically enhancing gameplay.


ROG Spotlight

ROG Spotlight is an RGB lighting accessory that projects the ROG logo on a wall or surface, enabling gamers to display their ROG pride and create an enhanced gaming atmosphere. Its colorful lighting synchronizes with Aura Sync gaming gear, from motherboards to mice, to perfectly illuminate the gamer’s battle station. ROG Spotlight has a matte-black aluminum finish and a magnetic base for easy and secure attachment to a metal surface. It provides 360 degrees of adjustment, so the ROG logo can always be positioned upright.


Aura SDK program

In 2017, ROG announced the Aura SDK program, which enables developers and hardware partners to integrate Aura lighting control into their software and devices. Since its introduction, ROG has added numerous Aura SDK enhancements that provide even more control and capabilities. AIDA64, Tobii and Cooler Master showcased demos at CES 2018 highlighting the possibilities of the Aura SDK.

AIDA64 is a PC system monitoring application that integrates Aura lighting via the Aura SDK to users to visualize an array of system stats — such as CPU/GPU temperature, fan speed and network speed — on Aura-enabled peripherals.

ROG and Tobii, the world leader in eye tracking, created a concept demo using the Aura SDK that is designed to enhance gaming experiences with lighting effects that provide real-time visual feedback to in-game events, such as color cues to identify allies and enemies, and alert flashes to indicate incoming attacks.

ROG hardware partner Cooler Master also showcased a gaming system build that uses the Aura SDK to integrate the Aura Sync motherboard and graphic cards with Cooler Master devices to provide lighting control via Cooler Master’s MasterPlus+ software. The cross-brand integration provides more lighting interoperability within the PC ecosystem, making it easier for gamers to create the system lighting effects they desire. ROG has always been at the forefront of RGB evolution, and is committed to working with more brands to advance the ecosystem for the best lighting synergy.

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