Perhaps one of the coolest things we’ve found at COMPUTEX 2016, the ASUS AVALON Concept redefines our look at the future of DIY PC. Basically, the AVALON is a combination of smarts and metal, with modular parts such as I/O ports able to be slapped-in and removed like LEGO blocks. The chassis, which is a reminiscent of old school stereo players, is actually a part of the whole contraption, housing all the parts within while at the same time, acting as  the foundation of the building blocks. The center part of it for an instance, houses the mainboard and the storage bays.

A closer look at the AVALON’s main components reveals a mainboard with an M.2, 4 DRAM slots, and a CPU socket. Beneath it are the daughter boards – code named DOG FISH –  that connects the motherboard to other components using PCI like connectors. For example, the PSU module is totally cable free, and can be connected via one push. Same thing goes for the storage daughter board. The thing still needs a cable for graphics power, but it is also connected via a daughter board with a PCI-E slot.


We’ve spotted a fully configured ASUS AVALON with a liquid cooled graphics inside. It is powered-up granted, but we are not certain if it is indeed a working concept. The concept is a refreshing look at what the future of DIY PCs could be. A glimpse into the future to say at least.


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