AZZA is proud to unveil its latest Unlimited Series cases: the SANCTUM 810 and MESA 811. These uniquely designed products push the envelope in design aesthetics.

The SANCTUM 810’s metal frame and spacious glass enclosure, along with its angled front fans, deliver striking aesthetics and efficient cooling. The MESA 811’s unique asymmetrical design accommodates various motherboard sizes, features brushed aluminum walls with grooves for airflow optimization, and offers multiple fan ports for enhanced ventilation. These innovative enclosures cater to gamers and PC enthusiasts, redefining the possibilities for high-performance computing.


The SANCTUM 810 is highly compatible with hardware components and offers almost limitless freedom for water-cooling setups. Its metal frame complements the transparent glass enclosure and brushed aluminum base, for a nice balance of contemporary and industrial aesthetics. Within the aluminum base, a dual-chamber compartment is thoughtfully integrated to ensure extensive cable management capabilities.

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Strategically angled front 120mm ARGB fans are positioned to optimize airflow dynamics, efficiently cooling the graphics card by drawing air through the front mesh cover. The SANCTUM 810 can accommodate up to E-ATX motherboards, large GPUs up to 400 mm, tall CPU cooling towers up to 190mm, and supports up to 7 x 120 mm fans, ensuring robust thermal management and dispelling any cooling concerns.

MESA 811

The MESA 811 features a unique, asymmetrical chassis that draws its inspiration from the striking form of icebergs. Notably, the distinctive brushed aluminum walls feature precisely crafted groove cut-outs, strategically engineered to facilitate air intake and exhaust, catering to both air and water cooling configurations. The MESA 811 offers the flexibility to house motherboards ranging from ATX to MINI-ITX form factors. It boasts the capacity to host graphics cards with dimensions extending up to 380 mm and offers support for CPU coolers with heights of up to 140 mm.

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Augmenting its thermal performance is a removable bracket beside the motherboard capable of supporting up to 3 x 120 mm fans and a 360 radiator. Additionally, a 120mm fan port is located at the rear above the motherboard I/O cutout, pre-installed with an ARGB fan.​

Pricing and Availability

​The AZZA MESA 811 MSRP is $369.99 USD and is available on Newegg.

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