BitFenix, the creators of the Prodigy, Shadow, Colossus, and many iconic cases just launched their budget friendly NOVA Chassis.

Available in Black & White, the NOVA features BitFenix’s soft-touch treated front panel exterior, with design emphasizing on simplicity. The chassis is quite similar to the BitFenix NEOS’ chassis, and coincidentally, it will replace the NEOS as the most budget friendly case BitFenix made thus far with an expected price below 2, 000 Pesos. Learn more from the below.

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BitFenix NOVA – Budget Evolved

Bitfenix Nova delivers style, performance and silence at an incredibly competitive price. Whether you plan to build a basic office, home or gaming system, Novas simplistic design, aluminum badge, color options and optional window side panel mean it will blend in perfectly. Long air vents running along the sides of its front, hidden behind sleek mesh strips, provide plenty of airflow to cool the system. And as a result allowed us to keep Novas Top and Front panel completely closed to block fan-noise from escaping the enclosure, and dust from building up inside.

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Noise Shielded

To seal fan noise inside the chassis, we developed a closed front panel for NOVA. Concealed  behind a our signature mesh strips running along the sides of the front panel, lie a series of 134 air vents, that let fresh air stream into the case effortlessly.

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Thanks to this noise-shield design of a raised, closed front panel with side vents, Nova is capable of keeping even powerful components supplied with the airflow required to keep them cooled adequately, all the while confining the fan-noise to the interior of the chassis.

Nothing to hide

While purists probably opt for the solid steel side panel version of NOVA to create a completely closed, monolithic build, we created an optional window side panel to let you and others have a look at all the nice parts, while conveniently hiding the less interesting and appeasing looking ones. Combined with color matched components and LED fans and light strips NOVAs large window allows you to create a truly unique and impressive looking system.

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Front Panel Interface

The angled front panel Interface of NOVA makes it easy to reach and use whether it’s on the floor, raised, or even standing on your desk. The large round power button is easy to find without even looking, while the reset button is purposely kept small and at the side of the panel. Two High Definition audio ports let you quickly connect a headset for a Skype call or to listen to your favorite music.

Dust proof

To prevent dust from building up inside your power supply, causing its fan to spin at unnecessarily high speeds or even overheat and shut down, NOVA comes bundled with a dust filter you can quickly rinse and slide back. This not only reduces noise, but increases the lifetime of your power supply and keeps your system running reliably for years on-end.

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Gaming Powerhouse

With 7 expansion slots and a supported graphics card height of over 140mm, NOVA is ready for modern GPUs with a raised PCBs and larger, quieter heatsinks that extend beyond the traditional 110mm expansion card height.

NOVA Window (window side panel) Black White
EAN 4712883213595 4712883213601
UPC 886027012895 886027012901
NOVA (steel side panel) Black White
EAN 4712883213571 4712883213588
UPC 886027012871 886027012888

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