Pearl Abyss announced that the “Land of the Morning Light” region has been released in Black Desert Mobile. The Land of the Morning Light is a new mythical region beyond the vast Margoria Sea that is strongly inspired by Joseon, the last dynastic kingdom of Korea.

The region portrays a breathtaking landscape of the Joseon era, serving Adventurers a familiar environment and nostalgic memories of the era inspired by its fables, myths, and folktales.

To start the new journey, Adventurers need to unlock the Land of the Morning Light menu by completing the main quest, “Emma’s Nightmare.” After unlocking the menu, Adventurers can start their journey to the Land of the Morning Light continent once completing the “Yank the Bull’s Horn” quest from Tale Collection – Opening. New Adventurers can simply create characters and complete the questline to enter the new region.

Adventurers can immerse themselves in the Land of the Morning Light through the Tale Collection, which includes the tales of Mudang Wraith, Gumiho, the Songakshi, and the Golden Pig King. Once completing the Tale Collection, they can access the Black Shrine, where they can encounter the bosses from each tale. Through the first attempt of each difficulty level for each boss, Adventurers can gain one Energy Point. Various rewards can be obtained based on the Black Spirit level and difficulty level upon completing the challenge in the Black Shrine.

Also, the new gear “Dawnveil Main Weapon” and “Dawnveil Gloves” have been added, which can be crafted using materials including the Flame of Hongik, Chaos Jewel, Ah’krad, and Silver. Adventurers can obtain the Flame of Hogik at a set chance from completing the Black Shrine challenges.

Watch the Developer Commentary for the Land of the Morning Light and read the GM note to learn more about the region.

Along with the expansion, “Choryeong”, the Do Wielder of Blooming Death, arrives in Black Desert Mobile. As for her weapons, she uses a “Soul Tome,” a collection of charms bound into a book, and a “Calligraphy Brush” to draw power from the Seocheon flower garden, a field blooming in the netherworld.

Watch new class Choryeong’s skill preview here.

Season Character: Official Season is available now, allowing Adventurers to enjoy fast character growth, valuable season completion rewards, and improved user convenience. Adventurers can only create one season character per family until the maintenance on December 12.

Last but not least, an array of events is being held to celebrate the arrival of the Land of the Morning Light and Choryeong. Adventurers can obtain various items including “Black Pearl,” “Raid Scroll Chest,” “Valks’ Pack,” and more just by simply logging into the game every day.

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