Call of Duty Mobile has achieved 500 million downloads globally since its launch in October, 2019.

The free-to-play mobile game debuted with its multiplayer and battle royale mode and has consistently rolled out updates to excite its player base. With unique features and new modes added every season, Call of Duty Mobile continues to ramp up the player experience.

Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile constantly brings new themes for each battle pass, with epic new characters and weapons introduced each month.

To celebrate this milestone, Call of Duty Mobile prepared a special prize for all of the players! Look forward to rare characters – such as Outrider and Special Ops – and your favourite weapons – including the Assault Rifle AK47 – within the Radio Current Crate which will be sent to your in-game mail for free later today.

The developer is thrilled to continue the development and innovation of Call of Duty Mobile in the upcoming future. Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm! Call of Duty Mobile promise to keep on serving up new content and features to make all of the players’ experience more enjoyable and satisfy all of the users all around the world.

Stay prepared and execute the mission to immerse yourselves into a whole new gaming experience. Are you ready to join the force? More exciting items will come, make sure to anticipate it!

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