Pearl Abyss announced today that the long-awaited co-op dungeon Atoraxxion has arrived in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can now discover a massive ancient stronghold and engage in powerful battles with others. 

Atoraxxion, built by the Last Ancient “Sage,” is the first of such cooperative content, and can be challenged by up to 5 Adventurers. The new dungeon offers the inherent MMORPG pleasures of teamwork alongside the unique action of Black Desert.   

Consisting of vast biomes, Atoraxxion offers intriguing challenges such as puzzles, the Final Boss Apex Lucretia, and in-depth Knowledge across the dungeon. Atoraxxion has four different biomes: desert, ocean depths, canyon, and forest. Today, the desert themed Vahmalkea has been unveiled, with the other remaining portions of the dungeon to be updated one at a time.   

Vahmalkea contains magnificent features such as the ancient weapon factory and rail system. With these features, Adventurers will battle against Ancient Weapons, uncover fascinating ancient stories, and solve puzzles tailored to the desert theme. 

Moreover, difficulty levels are divided into high and normal so both new and existing Adventurers can enjoy Atoraxxion alike. In normal difficulty, new Adventurers can also enjoy Atoraxxion using the Narchillan and season character exclusive Tuvala gear.  

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