Colorful Technology officially announces its latest addition to the iGame series of motherboards with Intel Z270 chipset; the iGame Z270 Ymir-U which provides a stable platform for a better gaming experience thanks to improved cooling, optimized network management and increased performance potential.

Metal Armor

The iGame Z270 Ymir-U features a unique motherboard cooling technology dubbed Metal Armor which features large heatsinks that have overlapping dual-colors on it armored exterior and audio-reactive lighting via the GamerVoice 2.0 audio system. After being upgraded to version 2.0, the RGB lighting of the iGame Z270 Ymir-U combined with the upgraded GamerVoice will “dance” to the music of your system which is fully customizable via the BIOS interface. GamerVoice features a completely independent audio solution and allows user-customizable audio chips so enthusiasts can freely swap-out audio chips as they please. Advanced audio circuit separation allows enthusiast-level headphones to be driven even at 600Ω resistance.

Silver Plating Technology

The iGame Z270 Ymir-U comes equipped with exclusive iGame technology designed to improve PCB quality called Silver Plating Technology (SPP.) The anti-oxidative properties as well as the stability of copper plating are greatly improved with Silver Plating for PCB on the iGame Z270 Ymir-U. After much testing and refinement, the motherboard delivers much more stable connections through all its components thanks to the benefits of silver between the PCB circuit layers. This ultimately increases stability and filters ripple noise during overclocking.

Colorful iGame Z270 Ymir U PR 3

M.2 Slots

Dual M.2 Slots support M.2 SSD and also provides 32Gb/s date transmission speed. M.2 has more powerful storage performance than mSATA or SATA 3.0. This slot design optimizes the use of PCB space to install more components without wasting any spaces.

Dedicated Gaming Ports

Two yellow USB ports on the rear I/O are specifically designed for eSports. Fintek F75503 and Fintek F75501 were added for mouse and keyboard to optimize gaming performance, providing the best connectivity as well as maximized response for increased gaming finesse from players who have heightened reflexes.

Colorful iGame Z270 Ymir U PR 2

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