Colorful Technology Company Limited is proud to announce its iGame SLI HB Bridge that will fit perfectly with the aesthetics of COLORFUL graphics cards supporting SLI.

The new iGame SLI HB bridges supports dual-link SLI mode that improves performance for graphics card that support NVIDIA SLI including the latest NVIDIA 10-Series graphics cards.

The new COLORFUL iGame SLI HB Bridge improve SLI performance when used with compatible NVIDIA 10-series Pascal GPUs that support High-Bandwidth SLI by delivering double the bandwidth of traditional SLI bridges. The iGame SLI HB Bridge also supports traditional SLI compatible graphics cards from NVIDIA. This increases overall performance from both GPUs and provides a smoother experience when playing demanding games that properly utilize NVIDIA SLI. Not only do you get improved, overall performance in higher resolutions, you also get higher framerates which compliment today’s high-performance monitors.

Colorful iGame HB SLI Bridge PR 2

Builders who want a stylish yet high-performing SLI setup will find the COLORFUL iGame SLI HB Bridge to compliment COLORFUL graphics cards perfectly. The bridges are designed to support two-way SLI configurations and is available in 2-slot, 3-slot and 4-slot spacing options.

Colorful iGame HB SLI Bridge PR 3

The COLORFUL iGame SLI HB Bridge feature a futuristic styling that resonate with most modern games, reflecting the aggressive and strong image that gaming evokes. With more than 1000 games and applications in Steam that support NVIDIA SLI, make sure you get the best out of your SLI setup with the right HB Bridge.

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