Colorful Technology Company Limited, is proud to announce the release of the premium GPU powered by carefully selected and screened GP102 chips: the iGame GTX1080Ti KUDAN.

Designed and built in China with the most advanced technology, a limited production of only 100 GPUs will be made for this series making it a highly-sought after premium product that will deliver excellent performance thanks to their extremely high one-key overclocking performance out of the factory.

Dating all the way back from the GTX 500 series, the release of the iGame GTX1080Ti KUDAN marks the 7th year  of the KUDAN series and the 8th generation model to be made available. A series dedicated to utmost performance with interest from the globe pointing towards it, COLORFUL has transitioned the series from its native Jiu Duan title to the KUDAN series we know now.

Colorful Game GTX 1080 Ti KUDAN Release PR 2

The COLORFUL iGame GTX1080Ti KUDAN features three distinct and unique technologies making it the flagship COLORFUL graphics card right now: one-key overclocking, iGame Pure Power, and Silver Plating Technology. All of which are exclusive COLORFUL technologies. Featuring 3584 CUDA cores running with a base clock of 1657Mhz and is  able to achieve Turbo frequency up to 1784Mhz. Complimenting that are 11Gbps GDDR5X memory modules to fully deliver powerful gaming performance on modern games that gamers desire.

The new Waterspout Cooler II, designed and created specifically for the iGame GTX1080Ti KUDAN, features the same iGame-Status Monitor LCD screen that displays real time core frequency, core temperatures, fan speeds and memory in-use. Users can customize the display via the iGame-Zone II software to display information including operation status of load line as well as those mentioned above.

The dismountable WaterCooling kit of the iGame GTX1080Ti KUDAN consists of a water block and and integrated pump as well as radiator. All the components are designed to be integrated for ease-of-use and for maximum cooling performance, COLORFUL equips the WaterCooling kit radiator with high-air pressure fans.

Thanks to the WaterCooling-Kit, the iGame GTX1080Ti KUDAN GPU runs at amazingly low temperatures even under extreme loads. The quick-disconnect fittings allows greater flexibility when changing between cooling options, allowing switching between hybrid air/liquid cooled or straight air-cooled for whatever scenario a user requires.

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