Like many popular battle royal games, PUGB is riddled with cheats and exploits. Its move into Free-to-Play and going mobile only made it worst – with new cheats reported every now and then. In-game updates could only do much so, it is up to the faithful player base to act as another form of barrier in-between.

That said, below are the most common cheats you could find in-game and how to check out if someone’s using them.


Basically one of the popular forms of cheating on any game. With this cheat, you can see the position of the other gamers with accuracy. You may even visualize the tools and ammunition used by the opponents with t he highlighted silhouette.

Playing against someone with a wallhack is at your disadvantage – unless you have better tracking and most of all, an excellent reaction time. This is also one of the hardest cheats to prove in-game if someone seasoned enough is using it. Tell-tale signs of someone using the cheat is if someone’s tracing or looking at you through walls. Look for it just before you hit the floor, aka at the kill cam.

Speed Hacks

This essentially reconfigures the player’s speed limit, allowing them to move fast so other gamers wont even see them coming. Worst, this cheat is usable with or without a vehicle. Can’t really do much about it but gamers who try these cheats could actually frag themselves in the process. Spatial awareness, anyone?

If you see a player moving really fast, it is safe to assume that someone is using this hack.


Ah, memories. This is perhaps the most popular here – even I have encountered such when I was still gaming as a kid on some CS lobbies. Aimbots are the worst, enabling the cheater to lock their aim on any players. Some aimbots even allows to negate recoil.

With its absurdness, it is actually easy to check if someone is using an aimbot in game – via perfect tracking and recoil control. Without the kill cam, you could also guest if another player is using it if you got lasered from a distance.

ESP Hacks

Short for Extra Sensory Perception, this hack is basically the fancier version of wallhacking. PUBG ESP started from the PC, yet I have seen some mobile variants already. With this cheat enabled, someone could easily see the location of other players along with their health, gear and distance to name a few.

Common PUBG Cheats to Watch out for GP 2

It is hard to detect if someone is using this hack – at least from afar. Up close, you could easily dismiss it as another wallhack if a player tracked you behind walls – via kill cam.

Flying Car Hacks

It is as it is – enables you to fly a car or have it float indefinitely. Truly blatant so it is easy to spot and report.

Better than cheating

Gaining an advantage over players without resorting to cheating is quite possibly one of the better things you could do. This includes lowering the graphics fidelity (except for the render distance) so you could see your enemies clearly. Investing on better gaming gears such as a good gaming mouse, keyboard or perhaps a gaming monitor are also highly encouraged if you really want to get good in the game.

Finally, get yourself familiar with the game’s mechanics and train your aim. Treat every match as a way to improve if you really want to become a competitive PUBG gamer.

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