Modular case systems were already introduced back in the days, and CoolerMaster wants to tackle modularity back, with their MasterCase mid tower. The tower looks like your normal tower, except that it doesn’t seem too normal at all with its MasterConcept FreeForm™ Modular System that enables seamless integration with modular parts that actually works, as in there is no hint of the case being modular at all when everything you want exterior-wise has been attached. 

CoolerMaster MasterCase Computex (3)

“The MasterConcept represents a vision that every person’s PC case should be unique, and is a first step in a fundamental reimagining of our relationship with our fans and supporters,” said PS Tang, Vice President, Cooler Master. “Inspired by the MasterConcept’s revolutionary approach to interior and exterior modularity, the MasterCase represents the crest of this new wave of case technology.”

The MasterCase is actually a collaboration between CoolerMaster’s R&D team and some of the world’s well renowned modders. It is actually a brainchild of the MasterConcept concept case which is modular too, but features more metal and isn’t going to be for sale anytime soon (maybe).

Variety-wise, we are looking at 3 MasterCases, with the MasterCase 5, MasterCase Pro 5 and MasterCase Maker 5. The MasterCase 5 is the basic, while the Pro 5 features everything the basic has but with improvements via added modular parts for parts compatibility. The Maker 5 has yet to be revealed.

CoolerMaster MasterCase Computex (2)

As for the modular parts, everything seems sketchy but the parts from the 3 cases should be interchangeable, and it’s just a matter of time if CoolerMaster will sell individual parts for the cases. All cases supports the standard ATX form factor, has 7 expansion slots, and has modular drive cages with the PSU mount and extra drive caddies separated. No words about availability yet but you could check it out here:

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