Playpark is proud to introduce the newest addition to its mobile game stable: Dragon Encounter, the No. 1 action RPG mobile game in South Korea and Japan! Action fans may download the game when it arrives in Google Play and the Apple App Store on December 8, 2015. View the official trailer:

Dragon Encounter Mobile PR (1)

Dragon Encounter is a 3D mobile action RPG that lets you play as a Magician, Archer, or Warrior to save your village from Dragons. It features a fast-paced and dynamic combat system, allowing players to defeat monsters and explore over 200 stages in style. You can play through Dungeons, Raids, or Infinite Tower game modes alone or get matched with friends and fellow players with the real-time party system, while collecting and upgrading items to create stronger weapons and armor.

Dragon Encounter is developed by Korean mobile game developer SnowPopcorn, and will be available at the Apple App Store and Google Play on December 8, 2015. Philippine players can pre-register for Dragon Encounter to earn 500 Rubies at launch day! Follow this link to register: .

Dragon Encounter Mobile PR (2)

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