Ducky just recently revealed their latest gaming gears at COMPUTEX 2016 – with a  suite full of keyboards, PBT material mice, and many more courtesy of their partner, Vortex.

First up would be the latest member of the Shine family, the Ducky Shine 6. This keyboard features a slim 108-key conforming frame with a mouse bungee included. The Ducky Shine 6 features Cherry MX RGB keys which is suitable for today’s gamers, and includes double shot PBT keycaps. This is going to be expensive based on those specifications alone.

Ducky COMPUTEX 2016 (3)

Going a little further, Ducky also revealed the Ducky Shine 6 Year of The Monkey. This limited edition mechanical keyboard is basically a limited edition of the Ducky Shine 6, with an aluminum body. The aluminum frame is anodized in dual tone.

Ducky COMPUTEX 2016 (5)

Ducky also revealed a standalone mechanical keypad, dubbed as the Ducky Pocket. It features the same Cherry MX RGB keys, with an added LED display at the top. This is basically a mechanical switch based calculator, and can be powered up by batteries. Keycaps used are ABS.


Ducky also revealed the DUcky One Series of keyboards, featuring a new frame for 2016. Products pictured below are the Ducky One PBT TKL, and the Ducky One PBT. These keyboards features Dye Sublimated legends, and custom key cap color schemes as a standard.

Ducky COMPUTEX 2016 (4)

If there’s anything that I like the most at Ducky’s suite, it must be the Ducky Secret, and the Ducky Secret M. These are not your average gaming mice, as they feature a PBT material shell. I like PBT because they are unlikely to leave marks from sweat, oil, and dirt so these ones are on my shortlist of what to buy this 2016 once they have been released in the Philippines. Both models features the Pixart PMW3310DH Optical Sensor, and RGB lighting, with 6 OMRON switches. The Ducky Secret M is the smallest version which is apt for smaller hands.

Ducky COMPUTEX 2016 (6)

There are interesting keyboards at the Ducky-Vortex booth too. They’ve got a small RGB mechanical keyboard with retro cylindrical caps, accented by vintage coloring scheme and a cute form factor. There’s a split keyboard too for those who needs an extra ergonomic typing experience from a mechanical keyboard.

Ducky COMPUTEX 2016 (2)

Ducky COMPUTEX 2016 (1)

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